Sub Zero Pro 48 VS BI and Integrated

kdizzleMarch 12, 2013

Is there a reason why the SZ Pro 48 is more expensive than a Sub-Zero Built-In or Integrated Model that's relatively the same size?

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Pro 48 has all stainless steel interior. I "think" pro 48 has better capacity as well, I like the depth of it, maybe because it doesn't store things on the door.

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You are not buying sq. in when you purchase a fridge !

The pro48 has more drawers and doors than the other models. Door hinges and drawer runners cost $.

Those drawers and doors are also clad in stainless steel skins, which cost $$. You don't pay sz for those when you order an integrated model.

The sides on a pro48 are also finished in stainless - more $$$. The reg built ins just have sheet metal sides.

There are also those beefy stainless handles - 6 of them adding $500- 1000 bucks to the price. There is also the glass integration to pay for if you select that.

It weighs more, so is more costly to pack and ship to you.

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Very helpful. Thanks for the information!

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just to follow up.. I have the pro48 and love it. If you get other subzeros you probably want the integrated look which subzero is famous for. pro48 has a more commercial look to it and i like being able to access everything with ease. the price is insane but i got a deal with a brand new looking "floor model". maybe you can try that too.

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