Replacing dishwasher door front

springwaterMarch 11, 2012

My dishwasher has part of its controls within the top edge of the door and the rest of the controls contained within a slightly protruding dull black plastic housing across the top part of the door. I'm sure you know what I mean, this configuration is seen everywhere. The rest of the door is covered with this ugly, shiny black panel. This dishwasher is not the kind that is made for a front panel replacement. I'm redoing my kitchen with custom cabinetry using antique wood and this dishwasher will be an eye sore. I would like to replace it with a dishwasher made specifically for adding a cabinet panel to cover the entire door but unfortunately the budget must be spent elsewhere at this time. Anyway, the dishwasher is only about 5 yrs. old and does a great job washing dishes. I thought of replacing the black shiny panel with a wood panel but don't know how I would accomplish this. Any ideas? I could even use a punched tin panel within a wood frame as a replacement since this will be a country kitchen. I don't want to buy a panel kit as they are terribly expensive--might as well put that investment into a new dishwasher if I was going that route. I'm hesitant to start unscrewing this black shiny panel front off the door, if it is even possible. Anyone with some experience in this matter?

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We replaced ours with a stainless panel made for the DW.
Was about $40 I think and took about 10 Minutes to do.

Ours is a Kenmore Elite which is really a Whirlpool. Also had a shiny black front door which we bought that way purposely because at the time all our appliances were black.
Been a really nice DW though, had for about 8 years or so now without a problem and cleans well.
Hard to say what would work best on yours without seeing a picture and listing the brand and model number.

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In the old days, when the world was young and I had more hair, DWs came with front panels that were both removable and of different colors: black/white and biscuit/avocado. It would not surprise me if the black panel may be white on the other side. However, it should not be any big deal to replace or paint it.

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Thanks, mine too is a Kenmore Elite. My front panel wraps around the sides of the door. No track to make ease of panel replacement. I guess I'll just have to get out the screwdriver and go to it. Thank goodness I had the smarts to have installed an electrical switch for this dishwasher so won't get electrocuted in the process of removing door front. Thanks for your help.

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The door spring may need to be changed or adjusted if possible to handle the increased door weight.

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