Question about granite pricing

jagermeisterFebruary 16, 2012

I'm going to be ordering some cabinets for my 67" long vanity. Eventually, it'll have a granite top on it. The vanity will be made up of 2 24" wide sink bases with a 18" wide set of drawers in the middle.

The sink bases are available in the traditional square shape and a nice rounded door shape.

I really like the look of the rounded door and think it'll look really sharp if the granite top also follows the contour of the rounded door. However, I'm worried that rounded cuts will drastically increase the cost of the granite.

Is anyone familiar with granite pricing and know if curved cuts come at a premium price? And if so, how much of a premium? Enough to scrap the idea?


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I doubt that the rounded front edge would be an upcharge, although the edge detail that you choose will have an impact on the cost. A granite fabricator is going to come out to measure once your cabinets are in place and then create a template to be used to cut the granite. Your template would be created in the rounded shape. Our fabricator had a really cool computerized measuring device that allowed him to get precise measurements and follow the exact contour of our walls, etc. so that if anything were off by evan a fraction of an inch, they would cut the granite slightly out of square to accommodate that. I never got the impression that the charge would be any different if they were just cutting 90 degree angles to make rectangular pieces.

Your granite fabricator would be able to tell you so you might want to ask that question before you order your vanity.

We knew all along that we wanted a slight radius front counter and when our cabinets were built they made a flat front sink base flanked by angled drawer sets. The measure/template guy was able to create a radius top that would overhang by the amount we specified.

I think your rounded cabinets and curved granite will look fabulous and hope that you will post pics!

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Sorry about the sideways picture... it's rotated properly in Photobucket so I don't understand why it's wrong here. Hopefully, you can tilt your head and get the idea!

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I'm even more confused now that my picture has righted itself(!) If anyone knows why this happens, I'd love to hear it. LOL

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Radiused bath cabinets add significant charges to counter fabrication. It can take a straightforward $600 piece of granite and turn it into a $1200 one.

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Around here, what GreenDesigns said. Very much an upcharge, and a big one.

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The rounded granite is a beautiful look but pricy. You could use a bullnose to get a round feel - different, but less expensive. I would price out your options. If you will be in your home a long time the extra $$$ may be worth it to you.

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Thanks for all the replies.

I went to a granite place yesterday to get a feel for what the extra cost might be. The person I spoke to said it would only be $100 extra per rounded cut. Awesome I thought!

He did, however, give me quote for installing the vanity granite:

Labor- $1,100
Material - $500-$600 depending on granite chosen

And then if I wanted the rounded cuts add another $200. So, without the rounded cuts, around $1,600 installed for about 12 square feet of granite, or $133 per square foot.

That seems like a lot for a vanity. I went to the Great Indoors a couple of months ago and briefly inquired what a ballpark figure would be to install granite on a vanity and they told me $65 per square foot installed with any granite.

So, will have to do more research to hone in on what this might cost.

Thanks again!

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There is a difference in a radiused end that the fabricator seems to be quoting you and a radius cut that protrudes in the middle of the slab. The second is much more expensive than the first.

For 13 square feet of granite at $67, that comes to $871. Then add in the $250 each charge for an undermount sink, (Top mount is usually free), and $120 for an ogee edge. Your at $14911. Add in the $200 each minimum for the two radiused cabinets and you are at $1891. Higher than your other quote, but pretty much the going rate for what you want in my experience. Most tops for double vanities with two radiused cabinets have ranged from around $1600 (a cheap group A granite) to around $2900 (a top grade quartz).

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I just drove all over my area (outside Phila) the last 2 weeks getting bathroom vanity granite quotes.
Wanted to find a leftover piece that could be used in the right color.

The prices were surprisingly far apart. At one point I was resigned I was going to pay $1300 for my 57" top.
Now I am paying $600 for the SAME type of granite! A friend that just did a kitchen gave me yet another
place to try and I was so tired of running around I almost didn't go. Boy am I glad I did, saved me $700.

Oh, and that's templating and install!!! I went back and asked 2x because I was so incredulous.
Then had them put it in the quote. LOL! People were right, you can get granite remnants for vanities cheap,
it just might not be the first 4 places you go...

Good Luck!

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BTW, here's an image of the type of vanity under discussion except it would be two 24" units separated by a drawer base. So your granite ends up having snaky double curves.

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This discussion started me wondering if we actually did pay an upcharge without me being aware of it! As I just scheduled our final template appointment, for our backsplashes, I asked my granite fabricator. She explained that because the radius on our vanities was very small, we did not pay an upcharge. (Of course, we paid for a piece of material measured at the widest point of the radius.) If the radius had been larger, or if it had started out straight and then had a radius curve, they would have had to use a different machine to make the top and that would have resulted in an upcharge. That would have meant a $150 increase over the price.

I guess there are some advantages to living in a lower-priced market in the midwest.

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