need an extra key for Acura

anncarolynJune 25, 2005

I just purchased a 2004 Acura RL and was given two keys. They did not have the valet key (which I always use as my "hidden on the car" key). I called the Acura dealership to price a new key. I was told the key blank was $55.00 and the labor charge for programming it would be $45.00. Seems $100 dollars is a lot to pay for a copy of a key. Is this the going rate or can I get a key made somewhere else? Acura talked as if they were the only people that could make me a copy. Thanks for you help.

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i have an accord with the same type of keys.They have a ship that cannot get wet so hiding it under the car is not gonna work unless its in watertight case.
I had a key for the door only made at Home depot for $1. Now if you stick that copy in the ignition it will reset the security code and your screwed way more than $100. I would call different dealerships I found one to do a "real" copy for $45.

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Yep $100 per key is the going rate for an Acura key. My local honda dealer will program them for $20 so I have bought a blank at Acura and had the Honda guy program them and saved a few dollars for my TL. Thanks to the thieves, the necessary security features add thousands to the price of your car :)

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