No gas at startup?

JerseyShoreJune 17, 2005

Hello! Let's see if a cracker jack mechanic or a person who had a similar problem can help me out with this crazy car. It's a 88 Corsica with 123,000 miles, 2.8 engine. It recently had a complete tuneup (everything except the gas filter). The gas lines under the car are very corroded and would all have to be replaced if they changed the gas filter. Car runs smooth and has reasonable power. Here's the problem. When starting the car after it has been sitting a few hours or more, it starts but sputters like it's not getting gas. After a long 5-10 seconds, it catches and runs like no problem. This situation seems to be getting worse. I don't want to get stuck somewhere on a long Summer trip. Can someone point me in the right direction as to what this problem may be and a ball park estimate for repair? I can't do the trial and error method with this car because I don't want to put alot of money into it at this point.

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"The gas lines under the car are very corroded and would all have to be replaced if they changed the gas filter."

My guess would be that you have pinholes or some other breach of the gas line that allows the fuel to recede back to the tank and away from the engine when the line is not pressurized. As you crank the motor the fuel pump starts and the fuel is drawn towards the engine. Under constant pressure from the fuel pump the lines recharge, gas gets to the motor, and car runs fine. When the pressure is released, while the car is idle, it again recedes back towards the tank. If the lines are that bad you should have them replaced.

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With corroded fuel lines, I'd hate to think what the rest of the car is like(brake lines)
No summer trips for me in this...
There should an accurate way of examining these lines and others as looks can be deceiving.
I suspect temperature sensor problems , this should be tested at least..
What sdello says is correct, a pinhole leak will do this - for awhile, then the leak will become visible and smelly, and the car will no longer run.. A fuel pressure test should reveal this drop in line pressure..

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