Integrated Extractor Hood - how to assess best option?

babyraccoonMarch 17, 2014

Hi all,
For aesthetic reasons I'm going to get an integrated extractor hood/fan in my new kitchen, above a 36" induction cook top positioned against a wall. The kitchen is about 18 feet by 10 feet, with a 7'8" high ceiling.

Where I live (Ireland), I've found these two available:

I don't know much about extractors, so am not sure how to evaluate which of these would be more effective for the job at hand.

Can anyone advise what I should be looking at? Thanks for any help!

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How many CFM do you need?
How many CFM will the hood move?
How long has the dealer carried the brand?
What does he say?
How easy is it to install?
How much do each cost?

Do you have a kitchen designer ? What do they say ?

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Notwithstanding that either of these may be better than no extraction (I assume this means external venting), in general one wants a hood with a large aperture that overlaps the cooking zone. The first example seems to have a narrow gap as an aperture with central lighting, the second is more difficult to figure out from the images at the link. I do not think the first example could capture a high percentage of the effluent from any serious cooking effort.

Review of many of the ventilation messages on this site may provide some insights. Review of references noted in my My Clippings will provide more in-depth information.

It is generally true that aesthetics, affordability, and effectiveness (capture and containment) cannot be achieved at the same time, so you have to decide on what compromises you want to make in each of these categories.


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Miele has an integrated range hood with decent cfm's.

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Thanks for all these replies. At the moment we have NO extraction whatsoever, so anything will be an improvement. Still, as we're going to the trouble, I'd like it to be something decent.

I hadn't seen the Miele option, it looks a bit better than the two I had posted so thank you for passing it on!

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