Must be living right or just one time lucky

kaliningJune 16, 2008

i moved out here in 86. The previous owner built a riding

mower out of an old Anglia motor. Two transmissions back to

back. One had an over drive. This thing could do 80 M.P.H.

if you had the nerve. 12 speads forward two in reverse.

This thing sat for 7 years. i checked it out last year.

Seized. Put the johnson bar on it and got it to turn. Pulled it out of the bush this morning. found a rad for it

and unseized the starter drive. couldn't believe the fuel

pump still worked. Started it up and it ran on 2 cylinders.

Replaced two bad plugs and it runs on all 4. Better than

some cars i hear. Mind you it took 1/2 hour to get the

spark back. It's a 12 volt system so could be 53 - 54.

don't remember when the English cars went to 12 volts. John

might know. now here is the thing. what am i going to do

with this thing ? i guess i'll add it to my flat head motor

inventory. just can't stand to see a good motor go back to

mother nature. i still have the mower deck for this thing.

Might restore it. i used it for 3 years after i moved in.

If the grass was one foot high the motor laboured just a

little bit. 18 inches high you might want to rev up a little. oh yah, It has a car diff with 15 inch ground grips

What are a red necks famous last words ? (answer) " Watch

this ". Here is the wierd part. This thing has a Solex carb

remember that John ? The carb works just as good as the day it was built. why can't they do that with todays carbs ? One thing that boggels my mind is how can that little Lucus generator put out 60 amps ? I've seen bigger

" King Can " beer cans. Have an old Envoy motor on my cord

wood cutter. I'll work on that next. Hasn't run for 11 years. don't know if it still turns but will check it out

tommorow. Anyone that needs info on old motors, i'm your

man. I probably have what you need in my yard. I have an old Gravley eye head rotor tiller motor, eight H.P. If anyone needs a piston for your Gravely a piston from a 289

fits. just rambling on. Practicing my typing. Mama bear is

gone for the week. Needed something to do. Please disregard if you get bored in the first sentence.

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Hi Kalining. Yea I know the solex. Been a long time since I had to do anything with one.

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