88 Bronco: no fire?

hare_ball_rabbitJune 20, 2005

Friend has an 88 Bronco. Fuel injection.

Went off to the basic training and the Bronco set. He got home, put new gas in and got it started. Ignition switch won't start it, we had started it by jumping the solenoid. But it started, and purred down the road, 11 miles out of town and 11 back, shut it off.

Next day, it wouldn't start. It'll crank, but not catch.

Two weeks later and New parts: starter, distributor cap, rotor, 3 coils, new plugs and wires, ignition module, and solenoid.....


it just turns over but won't start. We've not gained a thing with any of the new parts.

We have fire to the coil, but none coming out of the coil.

Can't have THREE bad coils!

Dash lights, headlights all working.

Short of a Molotov cocktail, does anyone have a suggestion?

We don't know what else to try.

All ideas are so very welcome.

Thank you!!!

one growling frustrated rabbit

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How are you determining that the coil is indeed being energized? If you are just measuring for 12V..be aware that the coil is switched on the ground side.

I'd suspect a bad hall effect pickup in the distributor. Especially if there's no tach reading when cranking. (My 1988 Ford Mustang reads about 300RPM when cranking).

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I guess we don't know the coil is being energized. But we have fire on the line to it, and none on the line from it. (using a tester that you put on the line, and it lights up)

I'm sorry, I don't understand your statement "be aware that the coil is switched on the ground side."
Switched on the ground side?

pulled the pickup under the distrubutor, and replaced the whole thing.... still nothing.

Thank you so much for your input.

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I had a Dodge at one time with similar problems.
Turned out that a fusible link was shot..But then there were more problems as I chose to ignore the check engine light.
This vehicle needs full diagnostics performed by an expert.
The electronics system can be very complex...

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When I say that the coil is switched on the ground side, I mwan that it is wired like this:

12V --> coil ---> ignition module --> ground

The coil always has 12V to it when the key is in the on position regardless of whether the ignition module is completing the circuit to allow it to fire.

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connect the test light in parallel with the ignition coil and then try starting the engine. It should blink.

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