48' built in refrigerators vs. cabinet infill

MS2012designsMarch 5, 2012

We just bought a house which has opening for 48" wide built in refrigator. The house came with all GE Monogram appliances. The reviews for GE Monogram 48"refrigerator are not that good, also this refrigerator is very expensive.

should we buy a good LG French door 36" wide by 72" high ref. or expensive one. also how do we fill in the 1'-0" gap on side and top if we go the smaller size refrigerator route.

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It's designed for a built in and it will devalue the home to downgrade the appliances. Monogram isn't the only 48" built in available. And it's not as bad as the reviews would have you think. Only the most negative experiences get talked about. The quiet happy folks are in the majority.

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I've doubt there are a lot of happy GE Monogram owners, or at least there are none who had a Sub Zero or Therm before. I for one outright hated my 42" GE Monogram fridge.

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It stands to reason that there are plenty of satisfied Monogram fridge customers.

Otherwise, GE would cease production and focus on something they could actually sell.

Just sayin.

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You can buy a GE Profile 48" built-in fridge at ~$1500 less than Monogram and the mechanicals are identical.That,I think,is the cheapest 48" built-in.

When people rate the performance of Monogram built-in fridges they are relative to Sub-Zero,Miele and other super high end fridges not to LG,Samsung and the like.

Having said that no line of fridges is lemon free. But these high end built-fridges have much longer warranties than standard fridges. Usually, 5 years for everything and 12 years for parts.

Putting in a 36 fridge where a 48" belongs will look like a Mercedes S-Class with three 20" wheels and one 14" space saver spare.

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