Need help with mixing door colors, hardware, and style

Skyangel23February 20, 2014

So I tried posting this with imbedded photos from flickr several times, but it wouldn't work for some reason. I will try with several posts, one or two pics at a time, so I apologize in advance. :-)

We are building a home in Florida that is a typical builder grade home, nothing special or fancy, though we were blessed to purchase a wooded two acre lot that we love.

I was thinking about cheyanne two panel plank doors with oil rubbed bronze levers, as well as three sets of french doors: entry, dining room, and a small pair for the pantry.

Then while searching Houzz, I found black painted doors. And I LOVE them:

My questions are:
1) Do I have to do all my doors in black, or can I do only a few--such as all the french doors, or only the four doors in a long hallway?

2) I feel there won't be enough contrast with ORB and black. I think brushed nickel levers would look really nice. But if all doors are not the same color, will it look really bad to also have different hardware? If I want to do even a few doors in black, should I do all the doors in the brushed nickel hardware?

3)Do the two panel plank doors and french/glass lite doors go together? The plank door has an arch while the glass doors are square. We do have a couple of arches in the house and on the front windows. I could do plain two panel, or keep the plank look but have the tops squared off instead of arched.

I also love ORB lighting fixtures and I like them for the bathrooms also, but could do brushed nickel as well. I like the modern country style, I guess: white shaker cabinets, walnut pecan stained wood floors, taupe walls, natural fabrics and materials (cotton, wicker, ect.). Actually I really like shabby chic/farmhouse/ french country styles, but going too far that direction really would not work with the typical Florida stucco house. I am trying to find my own style within the constraints of budget and the design of the house, but I don't want to do anything that would clash/look bad.

Our house, but a different color and front door has mullions/grilles:

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I have almost what you describe, with a couple differences...

So I saw the Houzz pics and painted my exterior doors black. I have both french with multi-lite and then regular panel exterior doors. They look AMAZING in black.

...or looked amazing. Gawd does the black get dirty FAST. And is crazy difficult to keep clean unless you clean it regularly.

I originally opted for oil-rubbed bronze, which does look nice with the black (the bronzing shows up), but in the end preferred the brushed after a couple of months. Ended up swapping all over to brushed save for the front door which is mahogany and still bronze.

Interior door handles are all brushed. It looked fine when they didn't match the bronze of the exterior doors, but I like them more matching now to be honest.

Interior doors, after the joys of those black exterior doors, are all now a dark grey. WAY easier to keep the appearance of being clean, but still a very sexy look.

I mixed multi-lite french with 3-panel mission doors and they look great. Even one single lite frosted inside the house that matches beautifully.

But honestly, black in a house is the devil. I did black painted stairs too and it's AWFUL. Love Love Love the look (and it's to die for), but the mess. Ugh. Scared about the day we have kids and I have to clean all that dark panelling with them running around...

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Have to second awnmyown about black floors. We were getting ready to sell our house, so I pulled up the carpet on the stairs and painted a black. Withina month it was TRASHED. Now I do gave 3 kid, but these were rthe stairs to the basement. Absolutely dreadful!

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Do you have any pictures of your gray doors you could share?
nostalgicfarm, I have heard that about black floors, but I was hoping black doors would be different, since it is a vertical surface.
Hmm. Would it make a difference if they were not black-black, but maybe brown-black or charcoal?

I think the mission doors and the french doors would go well together because they are both made up of only horizontal and vertical lines, squares and rectangles. I am concerned that the arch in the cheyenne doors wouldn't look right with the squares of the french/glass doors. Any thoughts?

Interesting that you changed from ORB to brushed. I do like ORB, but it does seem like the brushed nickel would just "pop" more.

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I am also perplexed about the black vertical doors showing the dirt.. .what is it, they scuff? How can a black door show more dirt than white? please share :)

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i think the confusion is that Awnmyown is referring to their EXTERIOR doors showing all the dirt.

think about black cars and white cars in the winter. black cars always show the road muck more. :)

i think interior would be fine assuming you don't have a brood of little sticky fingers, in which case it doesn't matter much what color you opt for - your house is just going to be a circus for a few years. haha

and i think it would be FINE to do some black and some not black. i'd probably stick with one hardware finish, but that's just personal preference.

if you love it, do it!

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I am painting all the doors that are open to the kitchen/living area in an "almost black" color with brushed nickel door hardware. There are a few rooms down a hallway (doors are not exposed to the open area) as well as all the upstairs doors will be painted white. I think it's ok to do some black and some not black but if they can be seen from the same room, it might be preferable to do them the same color.

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I think I agree with you. One hardware finish, even if different colored doors.

that will be beautiful! May I ask what style are your doors?

Do you paint both sides of the door black? I am thinking of bathrooms and kids bedrooms where black may not be the best color each of them .... especially if one or more rooms are intended to be bright and airy?

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