Implications of your accident

bonebloodyidleJune 20, 2008

How inconvenient can it get for the other driver?

It was 1990, I was living in the UK driving a 13 year old Vauxhall Viva. I was in my teens, so I was driving the car like I had stolen it. Bombing it through the lanes in the Cheshire countryside. Then approaching a cross this woman in a Fiat Panda pulled right out in front of me. I hit her, spinning the Panda round 180 degrees and launching her back bumper through the telephone box on the corner (British Telecom later claimed for the cost of repairs). Now it gets juicy. The Fiat Panda belonged to her husband. The guy with her was not her husband. Her Husband thought she was at evening classes in the centre of Manchester. Firstly he would be forgiven for asking why the accident took place 20 miles from the centre of Manchester, and secondly for asking why an unknown gent is claiming against his insurance for personal injury.

You can guess what was going on in the Cheshire woods between these two that night, but who could guess how it would be found out by the husband?

At a later date I had to fill out a witness statement for the husband's lawyer in the divorce case.

Can anyone beat this?

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So lets just say, they got from you what they were trying to get from each other.... VBG...

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