Anyone hate their non-drying dishwasher?

psyoheMarch 5, 2014

I love how quiet my 800+ series dishwasher is. I love the 3rd rack for silverware.

BUT...I hate that it does not dry the dishes. I have tried pulling the racks out as soon as it has finished. I thought maybe leaving the door open would help. I always have to empty the bottom rack first and dry dishes that have been dripped on by the upper rack. Then I pull out the middle rack... slowly... there is always one or two plastic bowls that have been flipped up and filled with water or soap residue. I never know which one, so they get put back in the sink to wash again. Even if the bowls stay upside down, their rims fill with water. The reason I have a dishwasher is so I don't have to wash or dry dishes by hand. Plus it was an expensive appliance!

Anybody else hate their non-drying dishwasher?

Any solutions? Peke

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Sounds like you're not using rinse aid, which promotes evaporation of moisture.

Bowls and such flipping over is a separate issue (although surely you don't expect a bowl full of water to fully evaporate away?) ... all dishwashers are subject to that.

Rims of containers & bottoms of glasses/cups retaining water, depending on the depth involved, is also "normal" for all dishwashers.

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I have a Bosch 800 Series dishwasher also and my stuff is drying just as well as my Electrolux with heated dry. I usually run the dishwasher after dinner or after breakfast, so it doesn't get opened for 8 hours or so. The rims of plastic containers and bottoms of coffee mugs still hold a little water, but I have had that with every dishwasher I have ever owned.

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Using the rinse aid and keeping the door shut after it is done help with drying issue -- as pointed out above. The residual heat and condensing action on the walls work best with time. Obviously, this is a problem when doing multiple loads.

It is usually the plastics that are a problem -- you just need to wedge them in so they don't flip.

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My experience is the same as fishy's, but we usually run the dishwasher at night and don't open it until the next day. Even when we have opened it shortly after running it, however, it is about 95% dry. (admittedly, we don't run it often with plastics)

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I have a 500 series. I always use rinse aid (you can adjust the amount to get the desired results), also 95% of the time set the load on sanitize. Use auto wash. Wait until it is completely done. Open door, let cool off and it is 97% dry.

I have been running some fast loads on express wash which uses the rinse aid but does not sanitize. Even with this I find that 90% of the dishes are dry.

FYI all my %s are just guesses and not scientifically obtained : )

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My experience is the same as Debra's: pop the door open when it's done and while dishes cool off they also dry. Not much one can do about coffee mugs etc. holding a little bit of water - unless tilting them more or moving to a planet without gravity, maybe. ;-)


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With my Jenn Aire dishwasher, none of the plastics ever flipped over. There was never any water in the rims either, but then it had heated dry unlike this Bosch.

I guess I will start hand washing the plastics that my husband uses for his lunch. Well it leaves more room for other things I guess.

Funny how some people say open the door asap and others say leave it several hours.

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I guess I will start hand washing the plastics that my husband uses for his lunch. Why? Handwashing, you'll have to both wash/rinse and towel-dry the items. Dishwasher-washing, the machine does the wash/rinse, you'd need only to towel-dry the residual moisture on the items.

Regards to door closed or ajar, that depends somewhat on the drying process used by the machine. Condensation drying, leaving the door closed until the machine is *completely* cool further allows residual moisture to condense off the dishes and onto the (cooler) tub walls.

Regards to plastic (lightweight) items flipping ... there are many variables that come into play -- placement of the items in the racks, rack design, spray pressure, whether the items are anchored somehow to the rack or nestled against or between other items that can help stabilize them. I've had small GLASS custard cups flip or topple in a few cases when they were placed teetering atop tall rack tines.

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You don't need to hand wash plastics. Just follow the suggestions you have been given here. Use rinse aid. Bosch says to use the sanitize feature for better drying. It dries by condensation so keep the door closed until it is done. 00:00. Then open the door. Everything will be cool and dry in a few minutes. Yes some water will collect in spots. It depends on the design of the item. You may have to dry an item or two.

There is no need to hand wash. Just wasting time and water.

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Well, you can get these accessories, if they weren't already included with your dishwasher: No-Flip Clips

There are also inserts for the upper rack that can be flipped up to tilt cups a little more. Can't find a picture of them on Bosch's site, though: Cup Support


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I have a picture of the Cup Support on my PC... *d'uh*

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See for yourself why stuff flips over: it didn't even take two seconds of spray action to flip the plastic container on the left and the ladle in the back over - and that's just the bottom spray arm working.

Quite a show when the ceiling shower comes on at 2:50. Better than TV! ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Inside a modern Bosch

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I have a 800 series and my dishes dry except where water can collect like bowl rims etc. I do use rinse aid though. I cannot see how and dishwasher could dry a pool of water in a rim or?? I leave closed and open when done occasionally. I don't really see the difference.

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We run our Bosch on delay so that it fires off at about 2 AM. We always use the sanitize function. We open it about 6 AM to put the dishes away and they are 98% dry and spotless. The only criticism I can make of this new Bosch is that I hate the rack tines. It seems over-engineered to me when compared to my old eight-year-old Bosch that was working like a champ when it was taken out and donated to the church basement. But nooo, I wanted to panel the front of the new dishwasher. In hindsight . . .

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We rarely have trouble with plastic items flipping and being full of water in our Bosch 800 Plus, especially on the upper rack for glasses. Sometimes, I will place a bowl or something else behind it so that it touches and sort of anchors it. Those grip clips come in handy, too.

I had to learn to unload the bottom rack first, too! The water that drips from the spray arm was a surprise to me.

This DW washes better and so many more items than my old one, though, that I am happily adapting. I rarely hand wash anything since getting the Bosch.

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I think I remember a plastic thing that the installer didn't install. He didn't know what it was for. I hope the clips didn't get thrown out.

I will try the sanitizer and rinse aid. Our water bill has been around $100.00 a month and sometimes $140.00. So we try to use the express setting as much as possible. That could be the problem too.

I try to anchor the plastics with glass bowls whenever possible. It is just those tiny plastic bowls that are about 2" tall and 2-3" wide. If it was just water left over, it wouldn't be bad. We have leftover detergent in the bowls when they flip.

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You might want to try using the auto wash setting. Just because it runs longer doesn't mean it is using more water. You dishes will definitely be dryer with the auto wash cycle.

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Wow, $7.90 for three little cup clips. Highway robbery!

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Thanks for the tips... we're getting what I'm pretty sure is a non-drying dishwasher (aren't basically all of them now?). In late 2010 in our old place I put in an LG that was near the higher end of their line and it was also non-drying. That one drove me nuts and I did use Jet Dry. Hopefully they've progressed since then but we're going with a different brand anyway.

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