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hankster44February 6, 2012

In our new construction we are planning on putting in a kohler 1968 which is a 48" x 48" bathtub. Has anyone on this forum ever seen or been in one? We are older and would rather sit then lay in the tub.

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Haven't seen it in person. That looks like a great tub, but it takes about 3x the water to fill it compared to a regular 5' tub. So keep in mind the capacity of your water heater, and how long you like to steep in the tub. Many soaking tubs require a heater in order to keep the large volume of water warm, so you also have to plan for electrical. If you google Japanese soaking tub you might find some that are slightly smaller.

On the other hand, have you considered a walk-in tub? These are for sitting, and don't involve the need to climb up and over to get in. They have a door: you enter, close it tight, and then fill the tub, so they're convenient for people with more limited mobility.

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I found a great deal of help on the following site indetailinteriors.com Not only does the designer give advise and her opinion on bathtubs, layouts and everything in between, but the gallery is out of this world! Check out one of the blogs on her insight on tubs and window. I never would have thought....


Here is a link that might be useful: In Detail

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We just installed an Americh Beverly 4040 - as the model number implies, it is a 40" x 40" square tub, about 32" deep. It's about the smallest square tub you can get, though the basin is a circle. It is MUCH bigger in person than I would have thought. It holds a LOT of water. The Kohler 1968, being 8" larger in each direction, and filling the entire space rather than just a circle in the middle... you will use crazy amounts of water. Specs say one hundred and seventy one (171) gallons to fill to the overflow drain. That thing is a small pool!

We've only used our Beverly 4040 a handful of times now, but we like it very much. The deep, upright position is soooo much better than a shallow, reclined bath tub. An inline heater is a must -- I'm actually not keen on the jets, but the water does cool rather quickly without the jets/heater running.

You mentioned being older and wanting to sit rather than recline. Specs say the Kohler is 34" deep -- luxurious to be sure, but try to plan how you will enter/exit. The 32" high rim of the Beverly (shorter than the Kohler) barely allows us to swing our legs over to get in, but a well-located grab bar would be a must if you are (or might become) unsteady. If you're going to mount it recessed into the floor or similar, having a grab bar would be doubly helpful. The seats are for sitting, it's quite a large "step" to get in or out either way. Hot tubs usually have a more useful (higher) dedicated step that is easier to use.

I don't want to discourage you -- if you can foot the water/heat bill, these deep tubs are fantastic. Just make sure you can use it!

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Thank you for the input and I will check out the beverly 4040. We planned on insulating around the tub before we enclosed it and have an unlimited hot water heater. I just really want to soak and enjoy the view from the windows in the bathroom and maybe watch a little tv too.

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