What did the dealer do to my brakes??

alisandeJune 5, 2007

I took my 2003 4Runner to the dealer to be repaired last week. One of the pistons in the driver's side brake calipers was frozen. After a 4.5-hour wait in their waiting room, I was happy to drive my car homeÂuntil I braked and the car pulled to the right.

The car didn't do this before they worked on it, so I took it back the next day. They said nothing they did the day before could have cause the problem, but they looked it over, rotated the tires (which I'd had rotated about a month before), and corrected something small in the brakes. I drove it home and it seemed fine.

But then I took it out again today and it's not fine. It's pulling to the right again. Before I call the dealer tomorow I'd like to know more about the problem, if possible. One thing I can add is that it doesn't pull to the right every time. I tested the brakes over and over, both today and before I took it back to the dealer a few days ago, and it was the same both times: It pulls to the right about half the time.

I appreciate your thoughts  thanks!

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On most occasions pulling to one side or the other after brake work is caused from air in the lines. Thats usually caused by incorrect brake bleeding or lack of it.
In your case if it is not a continual thing, I don't believe its air in the lines.

It sounds like your sticky piston caliper is still sticking on occassion.

What side did they work on and what side is it pulling to???


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Thanks for responding, Ray. They worked on the driver's side, and the car is pulling to the opposite side.

They also replaced my brake pads, which I assume was done on both sides.

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I have not dealt with a 4 runner so its hard to say. My guess is its either the driver side caliper has a sticky piston or they managed to get air in the driver side brake line.

Have you taken it back??

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I called the dealer yesterday, and the service guy was very nice. I told him I'm taking it on a 300-mile roundtrip this weekend, and he said if the problem doesn't resolve by the time I get back I should bring it in again.

Thanks for your input, BBB.

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a common problem on these vehicles is the flexible brake line to the wheel caliper. The interior of the hose can break away and intermittently block brake fluid flow to the caliper causing the side pull since the other side is at full power. I would have them replace both flexible brake lines (yup both sides) at the earliest opportunity.

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