four wheeler question??

shelbyscottJune 4, 2008

Artic cat 250 2X4 backfires and starts extremely hard

won't idle when running. It belongs to my 14 year old who saved up for a year to buy. I don't have a clue? I am

trying to save some cash buy trouble shooting it myself

would a low battery cause it to start hard or run not well?

also how do you adjust the valves in this thing 4 stroke??


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Unless you give us massive info on your vehicle and a
history you haven't a prayer of getting this fixed over the net but a bad plug will give you hard starting. You
adjust the valves just like any other 4 stroke but your motor is much more involved. Why do you think you need a
valve adjustment ?

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the only numbers i could find are Date:9/98
Vin: 4UF99ATB8XT421224
250 cc two wheel drive
i got it started today but it won't idle
there is a adjustment screw under the mikini carb that looks like it had a wire hooded to it at one time any idea what that could be?? it's red with copper colored wheels

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Pooh Bear

Here is one forum that deals
with the subject specifically.
Link Below.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: ATVs and Utility Vehicles Forum

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