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mzmintJune 1, 2007

Hi ( a girl question) It is not a car as such question but it is engine related. Tried to find this answer elsewhere but..

Would someone have the answer to why a new boat engine does not turn off completely right away and runs..roughly ..for a few seconds after it is turned off. thanks pat

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The condition you describe is refered to as 'dieseling'. It's almost always caused by the engine idling to fast for one reason or another when you try to shut it off. Momentum keeps the engine spinning, the engine is hot enough to ignite the fuel again from the heat of compression, rather than the normal electric ignition spark. The idle can be set to high, have a linkage or cable hanging up, or vacuum leak.

New engines, especaily small engines, do this pretty often to start with. Sometimes it goes away on it's own after they get a few hours operation on them. Generally speaking, the short answer is it's idling to fast. jmo

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Thanks for your time ...I told my husband I would get an answer!

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