1998 Dodge caravan BRAKES

airforceguyJune 28, 2008

Posting this on behalf of my father. He replaced the front brake pads on the van. He followed the instructions to a "T" The van stops much better. But after driving for a bit, he got out and touched them (rotar area), they felt extremely hot, almost to the point of burning ones finger. Should they be that hot? Have felt our other vehicles brake are (rotars) and they are not that hot. From a bit of reading I have completed, they said once the brakes are "broken in" the heat should go away. As i stated earlier, the van stops much better. Thanks.

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After several moderate brake applications, the brake rotors will be too hot to touch on pretty much any car -- that does not qualify as extremely hot. The main things I look for are that one side does not seem a lot hotter than the other, and that there are no unusual odors, which could indicate that something really is too hot.

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Many thanks.

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