Ensuite bathroom reno - design ideas?

basiliskFebruary 1, 2012

Hey there,

My dw and I would love to reno our ensuite - unfortunately, it's a little cramped for what we might like (5'x7'10").

Here is the current layout:

Our preference is to try and get a double sink vanity in there - most I've seen at something like 60" wide, which is obviously not going to happen here, but something shorter (36-42"?) might be workable? We'd also like to get a soaker tub in, which I think can come in the same size as our current standard tub.

Any ideas on how to lay everything out without moving walls? (Shifting the door may be acceptable, if necessary.)


Here is a link that might be useful:

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You want a double vanity, toilet, and soaker tub in your current 5x7 space--no moving walls?


If you want a longer vanity, but only 1 sink, you could move the door to directly across from the toilet, and turn the "vanity" along the window wall with sink where your door swings now. And, you'd gain some storage space under the extended countertop area of the longer vanity (only, not a double sink).

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Okay, just wondering if there was any divine inspiration. What about swapping the tub out for a shower stall instead? Still tight, I think.

The reasoning behind not moving any walls is that the adjacent closet has an attic access hatch, so I can't really move that more than an inch or so. Moving the other wall out is possible, but breaks up the long stretch in the bedroom, since the closet portion can't be moved out without breaking the door.

Whoever originally designed this house made it really awkward. Bumping out the ensuite is possible especially on the window side, I wonder how much that would cost?

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Just wanted to say I have a 60" vanity with double sinks. It's comfortable, but certainly not roomy. There is counter space in between the sinks, and a tiny bit on the outside. I suspect it *might* be possible to cram two standard sinks together in something like a 48" vanity, but you would have almost no counter space at all. Perhaps something like a two faucet trough sink?

I'm sorry I have no idea how you would possibly cram a larger vanity in there in addition to the tub and toilet. Why can't you move the attic access hatch? It seems like your best bet without changing exterior walls would be to take some closet space. Alternatively, I've seen remodels (at least one HGTV's Sarah's House show) where they've done a wall full of shallow closets instead of a walk in closet. You might be able to do that along one wall of your bedroom and repurpose the current closet into bathroom space.

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To expand on prickly's idea, build a reach in closet along the entire wall to the right of the entrance door. Make the current closet part of the bathroom. If you can do that, then you have options.

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