Checking vin history

deb_paJune 15, 2005

Are there any websites that check the history of a vehicle for free? Most I've been to give me just the vehicle's primary statistics but want $$$ for a full report.

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If no one subscribes to carfax on this forum, perhaps ask on a forum specific to the car in question or just other car forums.

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When you ask, in the subject line put 'Carfax Please'. In the message area post your vin number. Then someone can answer with the first reply if they know.

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Your state motor vehicle department may be able to give limited info when they are presented with the VIN..
Indeed, at times they can be most helpful...

If a boy owns and races/abuses the automobile, then has the engine cheaply rebuilt, is CarFax going to learn of this and how ???

An accident, yes, most go thru the state system - police reports, etc, but not shade tree maintenance..

Factory recalls, yes, I would guess Carfax would learn of these things.

Most car makes have their fan clubs/tech sites. Saab has an excellent one - all the weaknesses are public and known..

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