bugs a comin

frankb_cJune 27, 2005

What is the easiest, Home made brew for removing bugs that get splatered to your front bumper,windshield,grill.

Took the car to car wash, and they use the high pressure spray, and when I came back, I still had a few left overs.

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Well, we have "lovebugs" in the south twice a year which splatter and dry all over the front of your vehicle. I use plain HOTTTTT water and a sponge to get them off. They will pitt the finish if not removed.

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The main ingredient in most bug, and tar removers is mineral spirits, the mildest paint thinner. Costs a whole lot less to buy a gallon of it, instead of in an aerosol can.


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Thank you.
Mineral Spirit I got a gallon (almost)
Hot Water 40 Gal. Will try this one first, If stubborn than go to spirit.

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