Lubrico Warranty Company Experiences?

timbulbJune 27, 2009

I recently purchased a used vehicle that came with a 3 month warranty through Lubrico Warranty Company. On Friday the vehicle started making a clattering sound under the hood so I called them and they told me the nearest garage to take it to. (the guy at the garage said probably something with the cam shaft, wouldn't be able to get to it until Monday)

I'm just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this company and what their experience was like

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I do not advise in favor of the purchase of "Car Repair Insurance" AKA, the "extended warranty".

A quick Goooogle came up with these.

The problems that I have run into with other insurance programs include. Denial of claims based on the owners ability to provide maintenance records. (not a problem if we do all of the maintenance, but then again when we do get to do all of the servicing the cars don't normally fail). They require customer to authorize the dis-assembly, and then they send out an adjuster, who may or may not authorize the repairs. If they do, all is fine. When they don't the car is still completely torn apart, and then the "I'm not responsible" dance starts, with the shop (me) caught in the middle. The Insurance companies try and cut the shops profits by attempting to force used parts that they acquire to be used, and/or attempt to cut the labor rate. The Insurance companies often tie up the shop with paper work that adds to the actual time the shop has to invest in the repair. Say the repair should take two hours, and the shop loses an hours worth of productive time dealing with the insurance company. That's three hours of effort with only two hours revenues! Many shops have been cheated after everything else has been accomplished by the insurance company cutting the final check short. They will claim they don't pay for one thing or another, meanwhile the car is picked up and the shop has no way to recover these expenses. Because of this when we do repair a car with one of these policies involved, we insist the customer pay up-front for the repair, and then they get reimbursed by the warranty company. The list of other issues could go on for hours worth of typing, in short I recommend. Take the money you would spend on the insurance and put it in the bank under the best returning CD you can find. If your car breaks, you have most if not all of the money required to fix your car in the CD. Now maintain your car completely, and correctly, and WHEN your car does not break, that money is still yours to do whatever you want to with it.

Remember this, they would not sell this insurance if they weren't making a profit from it.

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Well the warranty that came with the car was free with the purchase, so that's already paid for. As for the proof of maintenance, I've only owned the vehicle for 10 days, so I'm not worried about that.

The thing that is nagging me is the proof that it wasn't a "pre-existing condition". In which case I'll be taking the vehicle directly back to the dealer, as the vehicle inspection came from their third party mechanic. But the vehicle ran fine, no noise or anything, for a week and almost 2000 kms.

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