Pontiac grand am 98 jerks

angel123June 6, 2005

My Pontiac Grand am having problems like jerking after going like 50 or 60. i notice it, when i let go of the gas and resume it jerks but still goes. When i was on a red light the car stoped on me. Turned it back on and started. Its been doing this about 3 months ago. Ive changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, air filter.

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Feels like spark plugs, but it is probably wires.
These can be tested with a ohmmeter..

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Ive changed the spark plugs and wires. It helped the hesitation. But still dying out on a stop sign or red light THEN IT TURNS BACK ON. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Fuel system problems, perhaps.
Does the quantity of gas in the tank make any difference ?A sticking check valve could be causing a vacuum in the tank and the fuel pump cannot overcome this..
This is something to look into..

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If you have an automatic transmission, you may be experiencing problems with the lock-up clutch. A sensor controls the voltage to the lock-up clutch and this is a common failure with GM lock-up clutches. The fix is simple - replace the sensor.

To diagnose, temporarily disable the clutch by unpluging the lead to it. If this is the problem, it disappears when unpluged and re-appears when reconnected. The sensor is failing.

Within the range of 45 to 55 mph, the lockup feature may be disengaging and engaging when the throttle position is suddently changed by a significant amount and will cause a small lurch. This is normal, however, lurching increases when the torque control part of the engine mount is worn. It may need replacing.

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