Wolf RT36 Griddle Plate?

ChefAddictMarch 16, 2012

So does anyone know can you buy a griddle plate (any brand, maybe someone can recommend one). I went for the 6 burners over the griddle or broiler option, as i felt i could just put a griddle plate on it, and clean easily.

i called my local wolf dealer, they were clueless (as always) and said they don't recommend use, and threatened it would void the warranty(?)

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Are you talking about one that you can just rest on a couple of burners?

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I have the same question as acw6455:
do you mean a regular stovetop griddle?
If so, the person at your appliance store may not have understood your questions.
I don't see how it could void the Wolf warranty in any way.
You would be using the griddle just as you would use any other pot or pan on your range.

I've posted the Cook's Illustrated griddle reviews from 2008 below.
I use a Anolon griddle on my Wolf DF. It works very well.
I've also used a Lodge cast iron griddle with good results.

There are several posts on the topic of stove top griddles on Gardenweb

Here is a link that might be useful: Cook's Illustrated Griddle reviews 2008

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Yea I'm talking about a normal griddle plate or pan, that u put on top of 2 burners..

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We have the Viking Portable griddle over 2 burners on our 36" range - Love it! Very functional I leave it there - when not in use it acts a plate warmer - excellent for pancakes, veggies, quesadillas, eggs, chicken -

6 yrs now & still looks new

Here is a link that might be useful: Viking portable griddle

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So do you put it over the grates? or do u take the grates off and put the griddle on top?

I think I'm being forced into the Wolf Sealed range top, will it work with that?

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I actually have a12 inch griddle on my Wolf, but often it is not enough space for me. I bought a 14x23 Chef King griddle that sits on top of 2 of my Wolf burners and I love it.The chef king is large, and when heated properly, it cooks evenly. It is quite heavy, and you also need to consider where you would store it, but if you have no problem with either, I highly recommend it!

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jejv - Do u have the viking portable griddle on a Wolf rangetop?

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That Viking non-stick griddle looks pretty nice. I just bought a Dacor AG 14x24 non-stick aluminum griddle because it's the largest I could find. But like the Viking it is expensive. The nicest not too expensive aluminum griddle I've seen is called 'maxi griddle' by Wisconsin Forge. It's usually about $75. and thick aluminum- but I didn't read the link from Cook's Illustrated.

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We've used a Caphalon griddle for years w/o any problems. One of the reason why we went with the Wold 6 burner rangetop. It allows for far more flexibility.

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My question is for breadsandsuch. Since you have both the Wolf built-in griddle and a stove-top griddle can you tell me if you notice any difference in the way they cook? I know that your Chef King griddle plate is larger, but aside from size, do you find that cooking on it is just as good as cooking on the Wolf griddle? From what I have read, a griddle on the stove is supposed to be superior, but you actually have experience with both so I value your opinion. Please also comment on clean up of each. I am asking because I am thinking of purchasing a 48" rangetop with 4 burners and the 24" griddle as I don't think that a 12" griddle would be large enough for the things that I think I would be using it for and therefore would get less use, but I hate to "waste" that space if a stovetop griddle is just as good. I do think I would use it a lot in place of a wok which I use quite often, and I love the idea of having a larger heated surface than my wok can offer. Also, do you ever use your griddle (on the Wolf) for simmering in a pot? If I only have 4 burners, I think that there would be occasions that I would need to do this. I currently only have 4 burners which is suffient most of the time, but occasionally I wish I had more burners, although I really only need a couple of extra place (burners or possibly the griddle surface if you think it will work) to simmer food as I am not efficient enough to have more than 4 things on a high flame at one time without burning something anyway :). I know your posting is several months old so I'm not even sure you will see this, but if you do your opinion and any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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