Which Faucet? Please vote!

hobokenkitchenFebruary 13, 2013

We need to choose between these two faucets.

One is quite a bit cheaper than the other and we need two of then for a double vanity.

The bathroom is very transitional so either more modern or more classic should work.

Here's a pic of the vanity they will be going on.

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Although the second one is more MY style, I think the first one has a more timeless appearance that would work well with your beautiful vanity and countertop.

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#1 gets my vote. What about the shower? Will it match?

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Another vote for #1

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Another #1

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#1 would look beautiful on your vanity.

I will be putting your #2 in my guest bath. They were in my masterbath and only a few months old when we renovated both bathrooms. I told my husband that we wouldn't "waste" them and I would put them in our guest bath. They're nice but there are so many others, including your #1, that are just stunning by comparison!

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#1 is my vote too. The detail of the beading at the escutcheon is traditional and looks nice with your cabinet. The arch of the spout, on the other hand, has a more modern twist, in my opinion. I like the narrow "waist" of the handles too. The second picture has handles that may look a little club like, almost like a curling stone :)

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#1 without question. It's beautiful. #2 is...ok, fine, but #1 is much nicer, IMO.

I hope #1 is the less expensive option, but I doubt it :-)

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Number 1 is the more expensive, but given that everyone seems to prefer it I think it's worth it!

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I was just going to vote for 2. We have them on our MB double vanity!

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Another vote for #1

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The 2nd one looks like Kohler Forte. We have those in our master and guest bathrooms.

Either will look nice with your vanity but personally prefer the smooth style of #2.

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I vote for #2. I like the graceful lines. I am very surprised that #1 is much more expensive.

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Either would be fine, but I like #1 better. You didn't say whether one or the other felt noticeably better to your hand. #1 looks a little more comfortable to me, but looks can be misleading. I usually try to figure out HOW much more I like one thing than another. Do I like it 25% more or 75% more? Is the cost difference in line with that? If I like it 75% more and it only costs 25% more, I consider it a deal! Of course, I'm good at rationalizing. I also think about things I touch multiple times a day and it's important that they feel "right" to me.

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