ideas on how/where to sell a box truck

Kathy547June 30, 2014

My husband became disabled & sold his bread route back to the company. He kept the truck thinking to start a moving company or something with me doing the work. That didn't pan out & we want to sell the truck. It's set up for a year & I want to get rid of it before it sits too long. I've tried my nearest craigslist & got scammers. Its a 2006 Isuzu tilt cab with lift gate. Any sites I could put it on?

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Try placing an ad in your local newspaper.

Go to a filing station and look for the 'free' sales publications usually near the road maps. If you see one you like, consider placing an ad in it. It may reach a wider audience than the local newspaper.

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You might look into selling it on consignment. Ask local outfits if they will do that. The truck would get far more exposure on their lot.

They might rake too much off the top but the alternative is not selling it at all or selling it for much less or even junking it. Be sure to check the junk value and ongoing license and insurance and permit expense as a comparison to establish a base for your decision.

Can you sell the truck with a permit? That can help.

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Cars, Carsforsale, and Auto Trader all allow individuals to post ads. You may get a basic ad for free?

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