Luxury Sports Car with Back Seat.

justjustinJune 25, 2008

Greetings everyone. I think this is my first post in this forum. Hope all is well with everyone.

My quandry is this. I want a sports car but I need a back seat. My partner and I have an 11yr old daughter and while this car wouldn't be used for long trips (we've got a new Lexus LX570 for that) I want to have enough room for him and my little girl should we take a notion to go into the city (2 1/2 hr drive).

So far I'm pretty sold on the Mercedes CL 63 AMG. I had my daughter sit in the back and she was very comfortable and the husband sat in it (He's tall) and had plenty of room. I would have bought it on the spot but it pains my soul to spend $152,000 on a car. I decided before I took the plunge I would see what everyone here thought.



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I wouldn't want to be within ten paces of a $152,000 car for fear I'd somehow damage it. I think if I were in a position to spend a lot on vehicles, I'd opt for several rather than one or two that cost a fortune: Sports car for fast runs through the curves, SUV for the snow and off-roading, truck for the trips to Lowe's, luxury sedan for going out to dinner, maybe a few others to round things out and provide variety.

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think i would buy a used vette and a used minivan and put the other 127,000 in the market.

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They could buy a Cobra, (Mustang) with the supercharged 5.4l rated at over 500 horsepower, and still have 100K in the bank.

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Wish I had your problem.

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Give me half that money and I'll show up with my wife's Santa Fe and I'll chauffeur you and the family around for two years.

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I'll sell you my '90 Maxima - it's my sportscar. Still pretty zippy, too!

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Why not just get a less-expensive version of the Mercedes you were looking at? You don't need to spend $152,00 for the top-of-the line. Just get a mid-range of the same model.

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Check the qulaity ratings on the many are a POS..some are fine...but all too many have HUGE problems with the electronics. I had a 2002...worse car I ever owned.A neighbor has the car you are interested in...nothing but trouble.

That said, what about an Infiniti G37 sport coupe? Far better reliabilty..and far less money!

Mercedes is a rip-off as so many come off the production line all show, no substance in terms of quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: Infiniti G37 Sport Coupe

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