2005 Scion XA or Toyoto Echo 4 door Hatchback

airforceguyJune 17, 2005

Yes I realize they are pretty much the same car. Scions are made by Toyota. Same engine. Any one have any positive or negative feedback on these two vehicles? Will test drive a few other makes but Im pretty confident none will feel as "solid" as these two. Not impressed with the Cobalt or Focus. they just dont feel well made, and im NOT trying to start a "lets bash GM or Ford" thread. Thanks in advance. Scott

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IMO, the Scion.

If memory serves, Toyota is going to stop building the Echo within one model year and not replace it.

Have you checked some of the more popular automobile websites (Motorweek, Automobile, The Car Connection, Autoweek, etc.) for their reviews? If not, I suggest you do...


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All I know is that the Scion looks better. Or that's my opinon. I'm sorry, not much help, I'm a Nissan guy.

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Yes, i have been on the web and the Scion and echo both have really good results. Test drove the XA last night. Wife enjoyed it, but felt a bit cramped. They had a AB there so, for fun we test drove it, and wow we were both rather impressed with the XB. Solid little vehicle!! Its now at the top of our list. I think one gets a lot of bang for their buck with the XA or XB. Last Dec I sold a 2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V. Was an ok car, but was never happy with it. And when it came time to sell it (moving from Canada to USA and didnt want the hassles) was veryhard to sell,took a huge loss on it. Just my 2 cents!! Thanks Scott

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Test drove both cars again today and ecided to go with the Scion XB!! Bit more room and a few more standard options such as engine immobilizer, traction control, stability control, Keyless entry for just a tad bit more $$. Car or the box on wheels is due in port from Japan on Mon June 20th and about a week later we should take possesion. Very happy with the "pure pricing" format. No haggling over the price. Salesmen wasnt pushy. A very good buying experience. Was weird, they had a 2005 demo(9500 miles), no extra options, and it was MORE than our brand new 1!! There selling them like hot cakes here. Most dealers didnt even have 1 to test drive. So far soo good. Cheers

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Congrats! Is it hard to get used to the speedometer in the center of the dash instead of behind the steering wheel? I guess I'm old fashioned.
Glad you got the XA instead of the XB. I think the XB looks like a refrigerator sideways.

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I got the XB!!! Toaster on Wheels!!! lol The look takes awhile to get used to. But for the $$ you get a fair amount of bang!!

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Did you get auto or stick? Fuel economy looks good even though it doesn't seem very areodynamic?
What color did you get?

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We got the automatic, Black Cherry Pearl exterior. MPg is around 31 city, 35 highway. Having fun now looking up various accessories. So much cheaper than buying them at Toyota. The "box" will be used by my wife to travel back and forth to work. Can't wait till we receive it. Cheers

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You don't have it yet? Are they behind in production? How long do you have to wait? Guess they're pretty popular.

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Ya they seem to be pretty popular. We had been to 3 or 4 dealers in the DC area that didnt have them. Our "box" is due off the ship in New York tomorrow, then a week or so we should have it. As soon as they arrive at the dealer, there sold.

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Picked up the XB tonight. Very easy transaction. Nice not having to haggle over the price!!! So far very happy with the whole process.

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I love the look of the XB, seems like such a efficient use of space. It must have tons of room inside. Good luck with it!

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