Avalon Power Steering Pump

mzdeeJune 10, 2005

My 97 Avalon power steering pump is leaking. The Dealer will charge 700 to replace. Another reputable shop will charge half that to rebuild, but will take 2 days. The Avalon has 70K on it and I plan to keep it until it runs no more. What avenue should I take?

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I still cannot understand why the dealers charge so much more than the independents..A 20% spread I can see...
Maybe it is the high cost of health care..
Auto mechanics do not have an easy task, they must be well compensated..
Parts do take time to secure - the dealer may have the parts already - but this is costly overhead, and he has plenty of that..

Litigation hurts all of us..one reason why the dealers charge so much more, but this scourge also hurts the indies......The dealer uses OEM parts, which may carry a longer warranty...

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$700 buys an awful lot of power steering fluid.

How bad is the leak?

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how bout a used pump from a low mileage wreck? i think the camry uses the same pump.

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