What to do when leaving car unused in garage for 2 months?

demi25June 19, 2008


I have 1995 Toyota Camry with a 36-month battery that is now almost 2 years old. I have to leave for 2 months and don't know what preventative steps I should take with the car so it does not give me problems when I return.

Should I be unhooking the terminals from the battery, should I buy a battery charger and attach it to the battery?

What excactly should I do?

Thank you

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I would do the following......
1. Use a trickle charger to keep battery charged up.
2. Add 1 pint of Sea Foam to a full gass tank (get it into carb).
3. Keep it in a garage if possible
4. Leave it alone....2 months isnt very long.

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Thank you for responding dave

1. So I keep the battery terminals attached but connect a charger to it.

2. Is Sea Foam something I buy from an automotive store?
Also by getting it into the carb means I should drive the car around for a few miles after I add the Sea Foam?

Yes, the car will be in the garage and its so so hot here in California.

Thank you Dave

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You also might want to check with your insurance company to
see if you can leave your property and or car unattended
for more that 30 days. As far as the car goes. Leave it alone. 60 days won't cause any problems. If the battery is dead when you come back it was no good anyway. I've left
batteries unattended for a year and they were fine. I have a vehicle that has gas in it from 1992. Still runs.The smell is pretty bad but it does run.

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Thanks kalining,

I'll check about my insurance.

Your car must get great mileage if your tank still has gas from 1992...LOL


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