Would this damage my car?

YellowMellow_in_NHJune 27, 2005


I just learned about this "Underground Exterminator" product (please follow link below). Sounds like it could fix my garden pest problem. However, a friend tells me that if the engine is forced to run for 15-30 minutes exhausting into a garden hose, it might get damaged before the 30 minutes were up.

What do you think?

Many thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Underground Exterminator

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Probably not, but a large amount of backpressure could possibly cause a burnt valve so I would use one of my older vehicles. I have a old smokey jeep that would be perfect. I am going to stop and get the adaptor this afternoon, goodbye moles, I may try it on the groundhogs too since they keep eating down my garden hmmm

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Lucky you! Both our vehicles are less than two years old. DH isn't sure either and I don't want to find out the hard (expensive) way. Anyway, if you do get this adaptor and try it, let me know if it worked. I really need to get rid of those darn gluttons before my heirloom tomatoes start producing.

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Dont do it you can easily damage you catalytic converter/muffler/etc. by creating artifical backpressure. Besides that this product DOES NOT WORK. Gurantee or not my neighbor ran his old pickup for HOURS to try to get the moles and it didnt make a dent. Really thinking about it yes exhaust in an airtight space would kill a mole. Do you think the tunnels under your lawn are airtight? Not a chance.

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My grandma used to kill skunks by the exhaust of her car on the farm!! Lay out a special all enclosed trap. Skunk goes in, door shuts behind it. then hooked up the attached hose to the car!! not sure how long she ran the car though!!

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Smart necked moles will tunnel back under your car so while you're sitting there enjoying your newspaper in the car you find yourself dozing off. Moles get a kick out of being tricky little devils.

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12 years ago we had a terrible mole problem in the veggie garden after a winter of exceptionally heavy rain. Tried lots that didn't work. Finally piped the xost from my old P/U into the tunnel network which covered the garden. Let it run a long time. Well I stood there watching things and after a while didn't feel so damn very good. IN fact got sicker'n'ell.

The xost drove me out of the garden - not the moles.

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You don't need to go to the trouble of hooking up your car to a varmit tunnel. Small smoke bombs are available in garden centers. I found these effective in driving out groundhogs. These will either kill the varmit in their den or drive them out their alternate entryway.

Moles are an entirely different matter. They make a complex network of tunnels, but the mound of dirt is over their nest. Moles are nearly blind but cringe in bright light. They are extremely sensitive to sound and ground vibration. They hear/feel your approach long before you get to their lairs. Many years ago when I lived on a farm and our family depended on a garden. We found the most effective deterrent was the old fashioned mole trap. Its not humane nor elegant, but properly applied, it works.

Locate the nest mound. Go a short distance away on the main tunnel and set the trap. Press the tunnel down to almost close the tunnel over a short distance, say 6 to 8 inches, and set the trap with the treddle on top of the collasped part of the tunnel. The trap is tripped when a mole passes through this tunnel again.

If you must try engine exhaust, try a lawn mower engine, the bigger the better, maybe an old 2 cycle Lawn Boy. Don't use a motorcycle. Many motorcycle engines depend on motion through the air to cool the cylinders and heads. The air cooked ones overheat if left standing too long.

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