sway bar

joe_mnJune 19, 2011

ironic? 2 kids. 1 has a 99 grand prix. other just got a 99 intrigue. found out the olds has broken front sway bar. today i pulled wheel off grand prix and also broken sway bar. grr. but than it is a common problem with these cars. but i just don't like the odds. seen a few aftermarket bars. but its not hard to find used oem stuff. can inspect ends for cracks so its not usually a bad deal to buy used

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If you decide to buy a salvaged sway bar, try to get one from a southern yard. Winter street salt takes a toll on highly stressed steel. Sway bars should receive the same surface treatment and finish as suspension springs, but probably don't.

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gm bar is tube that is pressed on ends so it forms double layer. 1 layer always breaks first. easy to spot. but than single remaining layer is weak and also rusty so it usually breaks quickly. and tierod i changed 1yr ago is loose now. that is reason i inspected wheel area. looseness/rattle. oh, and maf died yesterday too. good car otherwise.

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