Three season room question

jross310February 8, 2013

We are having a 3000 sq ft home being built in a Chicago suburb. We are having a 15X13 three season room with a cathedral ceiling added to the back of the house. My original thought was to have this as a true three season room and have no HVAV connected to the room and shut off from the rest of the house. The contractor is going to use a tongue and grove wood to finish the ceiling and the floor will be concrete when we move in (I will lay some slate tile as a DIY project). My question is what material would you use to finish the walls? The two options we have discussed is regular drywall or some kind of soffit material. I'm not really sure what is better in the long run. Since this is unconditioned space are there moisture and mold concerns if I use dry wall?
Any suggestions and thoughts would be appreciated.

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We have a three season front porch (facing the west). We do not have any heat in it but it does get lots of sunshine. We live in WI so similar weather conditions as you have. We did bead board on the walls. I went over the raw wood with polyurethane. It brought out a nice color and character in the wood. It's been over 10 years and it looks just the same as when we first did it.

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Thank you for the response SJ. Did you use insulation under the bead board?

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We had a builder do the work and after all these years I really don't really remember what type of insulation was used - though I'm certain there was some. The old open porch was entirely removed and replaced with the new three season porch so they most likely would have used whatever is typical for exterior walls.

If we want to sit out there on a winter day we just turn on a small space heater for a bit and it's very comfortable. On a sunny day we don't even need that.

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