deciding on a color for a Lacanche Rancge

holly6March 14, 2010

I have finally decided on a Lacanche range for my all white traditional kitchen. I can't wait. I am stuck on the color to order, given I haven't seen them in person. Does anyone have an opinion on the delft blue or the anthrocyte. This color is dark grey and relatively new. I haven't seen a picture of this color. I need to order soon to have it in time for my kitchen. Anyone have an opinion?



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Color is so personal -- For that reason I would refrain from telling you which color I would choose --and suggest instead that you should pick what you love. Only you really know!

From a resale perspective I'm sure you've been told that neutral is probably better. But for something like a Lacanche range, you really are buying it for love, and for you, so get what you love.

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For the price of the range, can't they send you a sample of the colors?

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Thanks for your input. I love the blue, but the anthracite maybe easier to add color to in the room; wall, material etc. Also, I'm afraid of it looking trendy. I have a sample of the color, but haven't seen it in a picture-it is too new.

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Hi Holly
I just put in an order for a lacanche range. I am very excited. Since I wanted a color, I asked them to send me a color chip of provence yellow (since I will have painted cabinets I needed to see the actual color). They sent me a gorgeous metal chip of this beautiful deep yellow. They will definitely send you color chips. Ask for all the colors you are considering. Have fun! Get what you love, and don't worry about resale.

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I am also deciding. The delft blue just jumped out at me and love the color, but I worry "in real life" it might look too electric-blue and not soft. I wish there was a showroom near me (in South Carolina) or maybe we can encourage a lot of people to post the pictures of their lacanche ranges in their kitchens. I have a friend who bought the black Sully 1400, and it is the anchor for her white kitchen with white calacutta marble counters and island. I am thinking of the Sully 1400 too, but maybe in stainless steel....less controversial but not as much fun as that great delft blue.

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Is there a color to which you return year after year, experience after experience? One that always makes you catch your breath with delight? If so, does Lacanche make a range in a color that approximates that one? Also, will Art Culinaire (that is the U.S. distributor, no?) send you some enamel samples if you beg and promise to return them? In this economic environment, they ought to go the extra mile, even if they don't send those out as a matter of custom. If so, you could find a paint that comes close, or eve matches exactly (have FPE color match it for you and send you a sample) and paint a couple of big poster boards with it to get an idea of how the color appears on massive object in your environment. That exercise seems prudent when making such a permanent decision. You'll get no specific advice from me as to one color over another. I love 'em all!

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What type of counter and floor do you have? Maybe if you post a picture of your kitchen it would be easier for people to give a definite yay or nay?

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You have to decide this for yourself. Color is too personal for others to advise. You either like a color, or you don't.

That being said, I think anthracite is a non-color. Boring and safe...and gray. If you want your kitchen to be boring and safe....pick that. Otherwise, do something bold. Something that people will see and remember.

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thanks for all of your comments. I love to hear others opinions. My kitchen is painted slightly off-white with callacutta island and walnut cutting board on the side counter. I just got an enamel sample of anthracite. It is a dark almost navy, slate like gray. Its pretty. I asked Art culinaire for a picture of delft blue in a kitchen. It was much brighter than the sample I got and made me a little nervous. The guy at Art Culinaire said the blue was a little "girly" and has only seen one anthracite. What do you think about anthracite with blue walls. Is it better to layer color with paint and fabric?

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If you're even a little bit hesitant don't go with the Delft Blue. The LaCanche is way to expensive to be iffy about the color. I think the anthracite will look pretty, and I am definitely more conservative with color in my own house. I love seeing the gorgeous colorful ranges on here but in my own kitchen I stay neutral; it's just not in my comfort zone. As you mentioned, I love to add color in fabric and paint as that's easy to swap out. The LaCanche - not so much :-)

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Hummm, interesting... "girly" Delft Blue. I decided on Lacanche for the kitchen in our house to-be-built, however, we are still a few months away from ordering a range. Delft Blue is my top choice. "Girly" is quite a description (not too helpful though, I'm afraid). I'm not sure how to translate this.

I, too, would not be happy if the color turned out to be too "hot" or bright blue. It doesn't seem garish in the photos that I've seen, although, I don't recall seeing it in a finished kitchen (and every time do I see a photo, the color reproduces differently).

My other choices were more neutral... most notably Frangipane, followed by Marron Glace, Ivory and Vert Sologne. Of course, I could throw caution to the wind and just go with Provence Yellow...(it would be the only thing in the house that color, but, ooh, what a color, why not?) AGHHH! All the colors are lovely. I don't think one can go wrong with any.

I do think if Delft Blue is a color you are continually drawn to (as I seem to be), then you will be fine with it. Especially if you have a lot of off-white and some black in your kitchen (sounds like a beautiful combination with the walnut and Delft Blue). I don't think any of the Lacanche's are trendy. Moreover, if you have a sample in your hand, I would trust the color in-hand more than what you see in any photo. Take the enamel chip and hold it next to your favorite things. Your other kitchen choices... do you like what you see? Does the color make you feel good when it is mixed with the other elements?

Also, the anthracite sounds quite lovely very dramatic, and a nice neutral alternative to black. It doesn't have to be "safe" at all; it is all about what you put with it. However, based upon your other kitchen elements, this does sound like more of a neutral choice  dramatic, but, neutral.

Holly6, is your kitchen style more country or sophisticated? What are the other colors you see in your home? Does one or the other of the Lacanche colors "fit in" better with your overall style and scheme? When comparing the two colors, I see the blue as a bit more relaxed and "in your face" (in a good way). The grey reads as more formal and sophisticated; it has more depth and receeds as a color more than the blue.(Of course, I am taking it for granted that in both cases you want your range to be the focal point of your kitchen).

Finally, if nothing suits, then, I believe that Lacanche will mix a custom color for you, no? Just money and time... ahh, well.

Regardless, I feel you pain, holly6, and I second the motion requesting more Lacanche photos here. I have scoured the internet for months, the colored ranges are hard to find. So, I can't wait to hear your final decision...and see you photos when your kitchen is finished!

Remember, everyone sees and reacts to color differently. If you can't see the colored ranges in person, or see several photos to compare, then, this is one case when you just have to trust your gut feeling. Close your eyes and jump...

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Why don't you do this - take your Lacanche samples to one of the better paint stores, and have them reproduce it in pints of high-gloss enamel? Then prime and paint a few 3' square of plywood, and put them up against the wall once dry (make sure you let it dry a few days or even a week; paint can really change color as it cures).

Then you'll be able to see for yourself what kind of overall visual effect each color produces, as well as seeing how it changes in natural vs artificial lighting.

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I looked at the colors on the Lacanche website and I am just wondering if some of the people who posted here are mixing up their blues. There are 3 blues on the website- French Blue (darkest of the 3), Portugeese Blue (bright blue, I guess you could say electric blue) and Delft Blue which appears to be a pale baby blue. So to me calling Delft Blue girly isn't too far off unless the color is in fact more grayish and neutral than appears on the web site. (I could still see it looking incredible in a kitchen though and not the least bit girly depending on other design elements in the kitchen.)

I think with this type of range that is such a major focal point /statement you design around it rather than trying to match it to what you have. Granted your cabinets and counters are in I think you could still design other elements to the range you chose - paint, accessories, curtains etc. I'd probably get some advice from a pro decorator because this would be too big of an investment for me to just wing it if I wasn't sure which color I liked.

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Great idea to get some paint made. Trinkette, I looked into a custom color and came across another color that is only made for the UK. It is english cream. It looks very similar to the Aga cream. There is an upcharge for this choice-of course, but interesting. I have the color chip coming and will see what I think. I am making this decision difficult. To your question about country vs. sophisticated. I think it is between the two. We are a relaxed family, but it isn't as country as many english kitchens, and isn't "fussy." Simple lines and not alot of carving. I did ask two decorators their opinion. They both have unbelievable taste. Of course they each liked different colors. One is a man and he loved the anthracite the other a women she liked ivory and delft blue. Neither of them have seen the english cream yet. When I get the color I'll let you know. Thanks for everyones imput!

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Funny, holly6, I believe that I've seen a pic of English Cream somewhere. Loved it in the photo. I bet the English Cream is richer, deeper and maybe more yellowed than the Ivory? I can't remember the details. Curious to hear your thoughts.

Regardless, it seems like now you are thinking about switching your plan of contrasting the range color with you counter color to a more subtle blending scheme.

Your taste seems similar to mine. Clean lines, but not stark. I like lots of texture. Rustic but not cluttered. Colors I go to are usually complex, mixes of off-whites and robin's egg blues and sage greens the kind of hues that change color when you look at them. Then, add a bit of black to ground everything. Little pops of Chinese red, or eggplant would work as accents.

I cracked-up reading how your designers were split. To me, that says you can't go wrong either way. And by all accounts, the Lacanche colors are all beautiful. In the end, it is, as has been written here, all about personal taste and trying to match your expectations. Matching the expectations is the hard part!

Can you try turning it around in your head... which color will you MISS more if you DON'T choose it? Which color do you usually see when you think of your finished kitchen? Does one color go with your tableware and linens more than the other? Which kind of look do you like to see in photos of other people's kitchens contrast, blending, high color, neutral color, dark ranges, light ranges, colored ranges...?

For me, the Delft Blue still keeps coming back. However, I'm lucky, my future range will be important enough for me to to build my entire house around it (literally, I am starting with the range). If the color isn't quite right, I'll adjust the rest (easier to do when one starts from scratch).

To be honest, I've not seen one Lacanche in a kitchen photo that I haven't liked. All the colors are great. You can't go wrong.

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I'm picking out a color for our range as well and the sample chips just arrived today. I think the anthracite looks very close to black - more than I thought it would. The Delft Blue is gorgeous - I like Delft Blue and Frangipane for our kitchen (so far!). I'm with trinkette in that I'm going to plan everything around the range :-). These ranges are soooooo beautiful :-)

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Chris11895, I am SO happy to hear that you like these two colors (and excited for you to be getting such a gorgeous range, whichever color you choose)!

Since my last post, I've been thinking a lot about the Lacanche colors and my own preferences for colors around my house. My one and only possible issue could be that since I prefer "dirty" or more "complex" colors, the Delft Blue may not fit the scheme if it is too "clean" or pure a color... I think this may be the "brighter" characteristic that holly6 mentioned. I've no doubt that the Frangipane would work beautifully (my "safe" choice). Did you order samples other than Delft Blue, Frangipane or Anthracite?

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I think the Delft blue is beautiful. It reminds me of Porsche's early 70's Gulf Blue.

I know this will get some boos and maybe deservedly so because the colours are so pretty, but I really really am drawn to their stainless with brass trim. Their stainless looks brushed and complex on the website, almost weathered like a piece of galvanised metal, unlike the one note, brighter stainless steel of Wolf, Viking, etc. I think this would look exceptional in a white / calacutta kitchen.
Is the website depiction of the ss accurate?

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Sorry I haven't responded it has been a crazy week! At this point I have collected many colors. In our area, Art Culinaire was able to locate a range for me to look at. It was white, which I loved, but next to light cream almost white cabinets I felt it would be a little stark. I do have a sample of the stainless steel it is brushed and I think would be beautiful for a stainless range. Chris11895 the anthracite does look very dark, but I do think it is a bit softer than the black, what do you think?
Trinkette, I think you are right our ideas for color and simpleness seem very much the same. I like the frangipane a lot, but it would get lost I feel in my kitchen. It is not quite the right contrast for my cabinets. It is very neutral and perhaps you should hold the sample up to your cabinetry and counter tops you think you may use. The delft blue I still love, at times it is a beautiful gray blue and with the sun it is brighter. In the pictures I have found it looked brighter, which made me nervous, but it could be the lighting. I am still waiting for the english cream color chip, but while I wait I wonder if I am leaning towards the anthracite and using a beautiful blue on the walls and material or wallpaper inside the cabinets in my butlers pantry!?
My oldest daughter likes the terracotta, my husband the bleu francais and rouge bourgogne. Again, although beautiful, not quite the feeling I am going for. Another option if you are thinking frangipane is the cream. It was in my top three until I held it up to what I am using. Although the cream is a great color, it was too much like my cabinets, there wouldn't be a break. It is such a great range I wanted to "see "it a little more. Keep my posted on your decision, it is great to hear others ideas and passion for this great range.

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I stayed with most of the neutrals - white, off white, etc. They're all gorgeous!

Wolfgang80 - their stainless is in the running for us as well. It's a really beautiful brushed look. In some pictures I've seen I had to look twice to see if it really is stainless!

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holly6, I crack-up every time I read your posts... I might have written the exact same words. Seems part of the struggle is wanting a color that "fits" the overall subtle, somewhat neutral color scheme, yet, still "stands out" without clashing or looking out of place.

My thoughts regarding Frangipane and Cream are just as you stated, ie, that they may not be ENOUGH contrast, enough "bang for your buck," if you will. Whereas the Delft Blue may be TOO MUCH contrast (or "off" color). No way to win, LOL!

Your beautiful grey blue description of Delft Blue sounds dreamy...

Also, I bet the stainless is exquisite IRL, wolfgang80. You'll get no boos from me! It looks quite stunning in the photos that I have seen. Timeless. Even so, it is not for me though... once upon a time, I had a ginormous black Dynasty range with a brushed stainless hood and stainless Sub Zero fridge; for several reasons, I decided no black or brushed stainless appliances, if I can help it, again. (One reason was that we lived on a farm and there was dirt, dirt, dirt everywhere. The brushed stainless was a dirt and grime magnet... Oh how I remember cleaning the gunk out of the narrow grooves in the brushed surface... AGH)! So, a luscious Lacanche COLOR it will be for me.

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Holly - do you have any photos of the cabinets or other details? Maybe inspiration photos or even photos of the rooms that are in view of the kitchen? That might help with people given their opinions on the color.

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trinkette, maybe you should look at vert sologne(I think this is how you spell it) It is a pretty sage green. Also, it helps to ask Art Culinaire for samples. I have driven around in my car with them to see how they look in different light.
Chris11895, my inspiration for my kitchen is from Christopher Peacock. I saw it in a magazine I think House Beautiful under dream kitchens. I am not using this company, but they have many white kitchens in the home magazines. I wish I could find a picture on line to show, but it is a classic white kitchen.

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I dunno if it is available in the US, but here in France, Lacanche has a colour called "Armor" which is a medium blue-gray.

It would fit somewhere between Delft Blue and Anthracite ...

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Have they discontinued aubergine?
Does anyone know the upcharge for a custom color?

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I think aubergine is an Aga color. I have never seen it for a Lacanche, but it doesn't mean it isn't out there. I think custom colors are about double what you would spend for a color besides black.

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It's been a few years, but a custom color was only twelve to fifteen hundred more when we ordered ours.

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Found an older website for Lacanche that shows aubergine as an option, but my recent brochure does not.

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It has been months....My house is finished and we have been moved in for about 6 months. You were all great to try and help me on a color, so I thought I would let you know what I decided on. (you may have forgotten about this post it has been such a long time) I chose anthrocite and it is gorgeous. I love my kitchen and how it has all ended up working together. I wouldn't have changed a thing. I have two islands and you can see the lacanche between them. Love It! Thanks for your imput.

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I don't know why I just found this but do you have pictures of the Anthracite? I'd love to see it!

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And show your kitchen too!

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