Gap between countertop and cabinet. Is this acceptable?

sparklebreadFebruary 1, 2013

Counter top was installed this afternoon. It is not sitting directly on the cabinet. The counter is level.

Does this look acceptable and is there a recommendation to cover this up?

Thank you!

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Sophie Wheeler

That's a cabinet problem, and it should have been addressed before the granite was installed. Cabinets need to be level and flat. Rock is.

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are there shims under there? Something needs to keep the stone supported or it will crack.

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A shim and a little bit of painter's caulk will take care of it.

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Thank you everyone for your input. I never know if these issues are fairly typical or something to be alarmed about.

Hollysprings-We had issues with the bathroom floor being unlevel. The GC, cabinet maker and tile setter worked together installing the cabinet. Maybe that was the best they could do with that crazy floor?

Enduring- I see shims and will follow up w GC to ensure there is adequate support. Thank you!

Hosenemesis- There is caulk near the walls, but no caulk in the middle of the counter where I see the shimmed area with the big gaps.

I sent the cabinet maker a pic. Will follow up when resolved.

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Follow up report- counter/cabinet is shimmed and stable. ( and photographed extensively for our records, I take pictures of everything everyday so we have a daily photo log of the entire project) Looks like a case of installer ADD- no one knows why the grout line was not continued.

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Great to hear. Thanks for the follow up. Hope to see pictures of your finished project.

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