Gaggenau BO280-611 included accessories

cpxtnMarch 6, 2012


Said oven was installed ~ 1 week ago, and am enjoying it. However, I do have a quibble or two, one of which involves included accessories. The manual lists that the oven comes with:

1 wire rack

1 meat probe

1 rotary spit with support frame

1 grilling tray for roasts

1 baking tray for cakes (etc.)

What strikes me as bizarre is that the "baking tray for cakes, biscuits and pastries" is identical to the grilling tray for roasts (save the corner support posts in the grilling tray that are integral to the rotary spit). As such, it is slightly concave. The dealer has told me that this is not a mistake. I'm not a baker, but my wife and daughters are, and they've said they'd never bake pastries, biscuits, etc. on a concave tray, as they would tend to slide toward the center.

So, those of you out there that are better informed than I (i.e. almost everyone), is this truly a baking tray? Am I going to have to lay down an additional ~$100 to buy one (1!!) wire rack so that we can back on more than one level? (Kind of the point w/ a convection oven, don't you think?) Or, what can I do w/ 2 grilling trays?



(apologies - I know I've exceeded my parentheses quota for one post)

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Thanks cpxtn for the post...we just ordered BX280-610 double ovens and also saw that the same accessories are included. I'll have to take a good look at the baking tray....doesn't sound like it will work...and you are right, after spending a fortune on these ovens, we'll be spending a small one on accessories...I need more that one wire rack, that's for sure.
Enjoy the new oven! Aside from the above, I am looking forward to mine!

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