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alex91885March 29, 2013

Hello all,

Over the past two months, I have been pouring over all of the posts on this site among other reviews on the internet and have found myself running in circles when it comes a final selection on our kitchen appliances. We are completely rehabbing a 30 year old kitchen and any advice or guidance is certainly appreciated. All of you have offered such great comments! I almost went with viking, monogram or thermador for the double ovens and stayed away because of you guys! Thanks! So, here is what I'm thinking:

Wolf 48 Rangetop, 4 burners, double griddle, lp (this is set in stone)...I cannot wait to make fried rice, burgers, steaks, and grilled cheeses on the big griddle. I considered a DCS with the 5 burners and 17' griddle, but our appliance salesman assured me Wolf is the best, especially in terms of reliability and accuracy, especially regarding the flat top!

Electrolux Icon Professional 30' double oven. Somewhat nervous about this after reading complains of difficult (button intensive control panel), fan noise, glass shattering during self clean, smaller size, etc. I've also read some negative comments regarding the evenness of baking. I l love the appearance, lighting, cool glass, wave touch, and those ultra smooth gliding racks. I've played with all of them at the show room and trust me, Icon is the smoothest with Wolf being a CLOSE second. Not sure if I should upgrade to the Wolf E Series to ensure stellar reliability. It's about a $2000 upcharge. I've also considered the new Kitchenaid, architect pro-line 30, which seems like the biggest bang for my buck, but apparently Whirlpool has horrid customer service and they haven't corrected the self clean misery. I will say, after speaking with several appliance salesmen, they tend to say they install a million kitchenaid double ovens with little to no complains. Rhome, CJ, Wekick and Gary....please chime in!

For our layout the fridge needs to (ideally) match the double oven (think stainless steel columns with 30 inches of counter top in the middle over a Sharp Microwave drawer.) So the fridges that I've considered are the Kitchenaid 36 counter depth and the Icon Professional counter depth. The icon doesn't have a dispenser, but is definitely a much nicer unit than the kitchenaid. I don't know what I would do with the wolf wall ovens, because a sub is definitely out of budget.

Also, Icon has a rebate of $800 if I get three appliance. I'm thinking ice maker. Thoughts?

So I guess I need to make sure Bosch makes a good dishwasher, which double oven/fridge will make me pull out less hair, and anyone love or hate the Icon ice maker...

Thanks in advance...I need to make a final decision soon and I wouldn't feel right moving forward without directly hearing what all you experts have to say!


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My Elux icon oven is now almost 7 years old.

I do not use the self clean on it, as I don't want to give our greedy electric company any more money than I have to.

"Most all", (Here in GW) who have bought the Elux ovens are very happy with them, baking performance, Very easy to use controls---there are HUGE circles, labeled "bake", "broil", "roast", "Start" and "Cancel", "convection bake", "convection roast" "Preheat" and even "Oven Light" "Timer" and "Clean".

You just touch the button you want, enter the temp and push the start button.

In the convection modes, The Elux uses all 3 heating elements to be sure that the oven is very evenly heated in the convection modes. Most of the time it runs the heating element on the fan (true convection), but it has indicator lamps for the heating elements and the bottom and top elements come on for very short periods of time to ensure even temps across the whole interior of the oven. Wolf uses 2 fans to accomplish the same goal.

Both fans, the convection fan and the cooling fan are VERY quiet in mine, but the newer Elux ovens may be sightly noiser than mine, (See CJ's post), although she says it's not that noisy (Paraphrasing).

Our glide out racks, 3 of them on the Icon stil are as smooth as the day the oven was new.

Plenty of room, we did a 22 lb turkey at Thanksgiving.

To me a couple of big advantages of the Elux are:

(1) The inside glass of the oven is removable for cleaning, and the instructions for doing so are in the Elux Oven Op Manual. Some ovens require a service call, if dirt gets between the inside and outside glass.

(2) The bottom of the oven is removable, it just lifts out, makes it easy to clean, but more importantly, should the porcelain flake, that cover can easily be replaced.
(Note the recent posts about flaking problems with the Wolf Ovens--the whole oven has to be replaced) I'm not sure what happens to you if the oven flakes after 3 years or so????

The icon has the huge window, that along with the fully gliding out shelves and the large easy to read controls make the oven very convenient to use in a below counter installation like ours.

As far as door glass breaking during cleaning, that's pretty rare, and I recall a very disgruntled poster who had that happen to a Gaggenau oven and no support from Gaggenau---so not many worries here.

Had I wanted 2 ovens, I still would NOT have bought a double oven. I would buy 2 single ovens, but I bought a single oven and a Speed Oven and we love that "Combo".


(1) No double oven, regardless of brand has the reliability of a single oven.

(2) In many cases, when one oven of a double oven stack goes, the other oven is also Inop, as they share main boards and other components that both ovens need.Even if the one oven does function, problems can still arise trying to use that oven. I recall helping a Lady that had a latch problem with her oven , The latch set off an alarm that went off whenever she tried to use either of the double ovens, It was right before Thanksgiving as I recall and she was in a "Semi State" of Panic as I recall (Paraphrasing again). Anyway, I was able to help her and her DH fix it, and all went well---still something to consider with double ovens thou.
Now to be fair, there are many double oven users here in GW, Elux included that have had no problems, but I just t prefer to "Error on the safe side".

I hope this covers all you questions, We Love our Elux Pair, Oven and Speed Oven, just as much as the day we bought them, about 7 years ago now.


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Dodge - well said! I almost went with the icon but saw the flaking and glass break and chickened out. I went with a wolf and Advantium- I agree on the 2 ovens vs one. I am very happy with my decision but have seen posts on wolf porcelain chipping and glass breaking- although it is rare it can happen with any oven brand..
I think the elux icon might be the "sexiest" oven out there with 3 gliding racks, a giant window and the blue interior.

Alex- there are good and bad appliances in all brands. If you can swing it - go for the icons

I think the thanksgiving latch problem was breezy girl and she fixed it before the holiday(crooked) door and then had service out to align the doors after the holiday.

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Have you budged for an exhaust hood? It can get pricey to vent a 48" rangetop, especially if you have to install a MUA system. Best to consider this sooner than later....

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I agree with what Gary said. Some additional thoughts-
I think the Wolf oven uses the various elements in combination as well as the dual fans, but it it doesn't have the lights to tell what element is on when.

My Electrolux is quieter than the Wolf oven in the range but the Wolf does have two fans and is moving more air. It is also 36 inches wide.
The Electrolux touch pad is pretty intuitive and allows a wide range of temp settings in combination with the fan. .

The Wolf has a straight convection setting but I have never felt I needed it to bake more evenly. The Electrolux oven I have also bakes very evenly. I recently baked a three tier cake all at once in the Electrolux on conventional bake and it baked very evenly without moving stuff around or turning pans.

On my oven(Elux) the bottom does not lift out. It is all one piece. I did have the blue enamel flake initially and my whole oven was replaced in a no quibble way. The tech that came out told me that the lining could be replaced but Electrolux would just replace the oven.I have had no problems since then.

I have KA 48 inch frig and it works ok but the fit and finish is not that great. One door sticks out more than the other and after trying to fix it, they determined they can't because the door gaskets are two different thicknesses.

I have been very happy with my Bosch 800 series and my DIL has a 500 series she likes. I do think you have to get the right detergent and be able to tolerate plastic being wet at the end of the cycle. I also rinse the filter in the bottom out every week or two or if I think it might need it.

It is tough pulling the trigger! Good Luck!

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Hmmm that's interesting wekick about the bottom of the oven not lifting out. I wonder if only the Icons have that, or is it only the older Elux ovens, (circa 2006) that have the removable bottom?
Mine is the Icon model.


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