Ideas for Edge of Tile (With Pics)

jaidogFebruary 9, 2012

I plan on having a glass panel similar to the one shown below, but mine won't go to my ceiling since my ceiling is vaulted. How can I install the shower door the way shown where the tile stops right at the edge of the glass? Typically, clips are used, but there would be no straight surface for mounting the clips.

modern bathroom design by new york architect Dufner Heighes Inc

The other side of my shower entrance will not have glass and look similar to the photo below. The difference is that in my bathroom, the drywall takes a 90 degree turn rather than running parallel to the tile. I do not want to use bullnose pieces nor do I want to use a trim piece. How do I get the tile edge to look "presentable" as in the photo below?

modern bathroom design by san francisco architect Feldman Architecture, Inc.

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Lynne Reno

I don't understand your first question, unless the wall is curved, why wouldn't there be a straight surface for installing hinges for the door?
Regarding your other question, we are using honed quartzite and our tile installer polished exposed edges of the tile, you could do the same thing with porcelain if it is through body

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You could use a Schluter product like you see in many commercial bathrooms. They sell it in many different colors so you could match it with your tile if you didn't want a chrome/brushed nickel look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Schluter's page

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Are you putting a door or just a panel? If it's a panel, you can use a channel instead of clips. You can recess the channel if you don't like the way it looks. As for your second question, if you don't have tile that can have a finished edge (stone or through-body porcelain), I don't see an option since you have ruled out the only options.

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My sister's new bath has through body porcelain tile that is large as in your photos. There is no bull nose in her room. She says thats the way Europeans do it. She has the straight edge of the tile showing. It is very modern looking.

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Thanks for all the advice. I am planning to use porcelain or stone so I think the ideas above for the non-glass side of the wall will work. Sounds like I need a through body porcelain if I go the porcelain route.


The glass will be a panel, not a door. When you say recess the door, does this mean cutting some type of vertical slit in the drywall next to where the tile ends and putting the edge of the glass panel into this slit? Or, am I misinterpreting what you mean by "recess the channel"?

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We used Schluter "Jolly" finish strips in two bathrooms. They look great and are relatively easy to install when tiling.

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I'm trying to accomplish this without finish strips or trim pieces. I'm not sure if Jolly will look right in our bathroom. I found photos of your completed bath, but did not see any that showed the Jolly. If you have some, please post (maybe seeing them will persuade me to go the Jolly route).

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Lynne Reno

I saw a picture of it but the site won't let me post it, you might try 'schluter jolly' in google images. It's a thin metal edge, looks ok but I prefer a polished tile edge

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inboard hinge

polish the tile edges with a diamond pad and grinder.

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Can you elaborate on "inboard hinge". I tried a search, but came up with nothing.

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That's because it's my slang for it.

It's technically called an offset hinge.

This link is the industry's go to source for glass hanging. If they don't have a solution to your issue - you don't have a problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: hinge

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