Okay...about to bite the bullet here...

mamacottiMarch 20, 2012

This gas snob has finally been convinced to give the Electrolux induction a try. Mainly because of all the discussion here. I have to say I shed a few tears, too. BUT, my husband has agreed that if I try it for a few months and HATE it, we can then go through the hassel and expense of moving gas lines over. So...I think that's a fair enough deal.

Are there ANY other gas lovers here who've crossed over to the induction side? What are you thoughts?


Thanks so much!

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Suzie, there are tons! Search for old threads and you'll find lots of gas converts. I couldn't even commit entirely to induction, but regularly say I use it far more than I do my gas.

Drawbacks to induction: Not great for woks unless you have special wok equipment rather than a standard induction cooktop. Not great if your power goes out a lot. Not great if you don't have a lighter or matches for birthday candles. Not great if you find the heat and appearance of open flames comforting and happy-making. Not possible if you want to continue using your massive collection of Mauviel pots (or any others that don't work with induction).

Pluses: Everything else!

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I did the opposite. I went from my wonderful Miele 36" induction cooktop to gas in a rental home in Seattle. I miss it terribly. It does the best job I have seen in heating the pan evenly. It heats extremely quickly, yet keeps the handles cool (I've burned my hands many time on gas here, lol.) The true simmer is incredible. About the wok issue - I do not stir fry often. I read an article by America's Test Kitchen who preferred skillets to woks, and that has worked for me fine. I did buy an induction hob here, and I use it for sauces because of the precise control.

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I dreamed and drooled of gas since DH told me we were moving (a decade ago *gasp*)
I have always had natural gas; here I would need propane.
Our rental (prior to purchasing our new-to-us-home) had propane fridgidare stove. UGH....NOT like my nice natural gas, but still, better than electric.
Our now-house had electric cooktop (Ge profile)...DETEST is not a strong enough word.
We had the propane guy come out and quote a tank and lines (we plan to do a propane fireplace, so simply an extra line and switch off for the stove. I dreamed and drooled of my GE monogram rangetop (You can probably find countless posts I have narrowing down my gas cooktop).
I was so close that I even put the item in my "basket" to order on line (ge store; ge employee discount).
We decided to wait 48 hours so I was sure.
I actually did order a propane DCS on ebay (long story short, had to return it and the vendor was BEYOND sweet, kind and worth working with).
Not sure what clicked in my head but figured there would be less cost with lines and we could just get a 30" and pretty much drop it into the replacement spot.

I WILL NEVER DO GAS AGAIN. This is so clean; so responsive; so sleek. I do wish I did not have to give up $1000s of $$$$ of my all-clad brushed aluminum, but overall, with all of my Le Creuset, this was THE BEST decision I made.
Maybe if I were starting from scratch (we had planned to build), I would not have considered anything else, but since we bought ready-built, this worked out and has a nice end to the story! LOOOOVE IT!

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That's wonderful to hear!

And I know what you mean, Wallycat...the GE Monogram has been my dream for the last 6 years, too!

I grew up with gas. I hate electric coils with a passion that actually scares my husband. I am not at all a fan of the electric glass tops, either. But the new home has the electric coil stove and I refuse to touch it. Lucky for me we aren't living there full-time yet!

And, I have completely confused myself today, too. Now I have even more questions. I feel a meltdown coming on, with a temper tantrum worthy of the worst 3 yr old!

I'm about to post new questions about teppanyaki griddles...

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p111og: "Not possible if you want to continue using your massive collection of Mauviel pots"

The very best pot for use on our induction cooktop over the past dozen years has been a Mauviel Induc'Inox. Unfortunately, it appears that Mauviel discontinued the Induc'Inox line.

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Sorry. I did mean to write "copper" next to Mauviel, but I've been really stressed out and not communicating very well. No malign thoughts were meant for your wonderful induction steel pot.

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