Van has dented wheel rim

catherinetJune 13, 2005

Hi all,

I had my Honda Odysee minivan serviced this morning. The place is very reputable and I'm happy there. Last time I was in the guy told me that they couldn't rotate the tires on the right side, because the back tire rim was damaged, and it would cause the car to shimmy if moved to the front. He reminded me of the same thing today. It will cost $260 to replace that rim. Here's the questions:

Do I have to get it from Honda, for it to match? it really bad of me to not replace it, so they can rotate the tires? The tires were new in about February.

How do you get a damaged rim? ......from a chuckhole, or curb? It showed up right after Sears put on my tires in February. Could they have done it? Thanks.

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Where is the damage on the rim?Also why would it not shimmy on the back?Sears broke the center plastic cover on my moms van.They used a impact gun to tighten the decortive plastic hub covers that go on after the main lug nuts.They of course denied it.She bought the tires there and was offered free rotations for the life of the tires.She has never went back and pays to have them rotated eleswhere.So much for Sears she said.

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Man - Truck rims aren't cheap, fancy car wheels used to cost $100 each for middle end stuff.

I cant see the rim but would think if he knows it's toast, it is - but - think I would ask him if it was an installer damage, he'd know if curb or you killed a concrete block.

Do you recall driving into or over a curb with the old tire maybe before you bought the new tires? Or slid into one in the rain or snow?

Mag type wheels generally are made specific for the make and model vehicle unless its a Chevy or ford then it might fit most any model of Chevy,,, or ford if ford. Hondy Odysee probably requires a Honda Odysee rim, if you want it to look the same.

Some wheel & tire shops that specialize in custom wheels might be able to straighten some damage, but would think your mechanic would know that too.

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My 0.02

1) For a front drive vehicle I suspect that an unbalanced or damaged rim would be more noticeable on the drive/steering wheels on the front then if it were on the rear.

2) $260 for an OEM rim these days is not really that bad.

3) Unbalanced/damaged rims can cause uneven and/or premature wear on new tires.

4) Given the popularity of Hondas, and the tendency for Honda owners to "ugrade" they're cars with aftermarket rims, (maybe not so much the van owners though)I would suspect that a rim is pretty readily available from sources other than retail at a dealership. Check ebay or if you know anyone in the repair business that can check the local salvage yards I'd wager you can get a better price.

5) Sight unseen, and based solely on your service guys comments, I'd recommend replacing that rim and keeping up with the tire rotation.

Good luck

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Thanks everyone,
I can't even see the damage. I don't know that much about tire rims, though. Maybe it's where you can't see it. I live out in the country, on rough roads, plus our long driveway has alot of big holes in it, although I try to take them easy.
I see no reason to not trust what the service guy said. I just didn't want to fork out all that money!
Thanks for your input. I will probably bite the bullet, and get a new one.

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There is a company in York,PA, that refurbishes the alloy rims- still the cost may be $200 or so..

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check google for oem used wheels, theres a couple of sites that deal in them used and new take offs. i just purchased a set of 4 factory alum. rims with new michelins from a ranger pickup for a 150.00 from a discount tire store near my house, someone traded them in for after market wheels.

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Look this over. I've had good luck with 'da bay.

Here is a link that might be useful: Honda Odessey rims on ebay

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Thanks for your help everyone!

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