Dispose of radiator?

rob333June 27, 2012

I am about to replace my radiator and I just realized, I don't know what to do with the old one. It's probalby aluminum/brass, not the current aluminum/plastic versions. Anyone? Thanks!

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If your community collects and recycles plastic and metals, check with them. You might be able to rinse it out and put in your recycle bin.

Ask your favorite garage man where to get rid of it. He may take it for a fee.

At present, aluminum and brass scrap is commanding good scrap prices. Around here, thieves are stealing anything with copper in it. For example, if you leave your house for a week, you might come back to find the copper piping removed and any electrical wiring that is accessible taken.

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Thanks Jem. They were happy to take it off my hands at my local PepBoys. I was never more glad to get rid of that sucker! I don't care one iota if it was worth anything. I've been struggling with that dang thing for too long. It is so wonderful to have my car run in triple digit heat for as long as I want, not as long it'd run. Woohoo!

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