What does higher octane do for my Chevy Caprice?

alisandeJune 28, 2010

Seven months of the year I drive a 92 Caprice, which I'm quite devoted to, BTW. When I bought it in 1996, the dealer told me to use mid-grade fuel, so that's what I did. When gasoline prices rose dramatically, I switched to regular, which is what the owner's manual recommends.

The only difference in performance that I could see was a little less pep when accelerating quickly on an on-ramp. I've often wondered if this observation is real or imagined. It's always possible I'm hitting the gas not quite as hard as I used to. :-)

If I'm going 60 mph or so and accelerate from that point, I see no loss of power whatsoever.

What, if anything, would a higher octane rating do for my car?


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Nothing, unless you buy your fuel from a company that adds more detergents to its higher octane fuel. Then it only makes a difference if you need those extra additives.

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Thanks, John. I appreciate the info.

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