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TSG1104February 7, 2013

I think we've almost reached a decision on a shower door company. One of the questions I have for them tomorrow is what options they have for the shower door handles. Their website lists that a 8" "C" shaped pull is standard, but it doesn't list any other options. If they don't have any other options, then I'm going to ask if I can supply the handles. I thought about changing them later, but this doesn't seem to be a standard size that I could just substitute out later.

Our bath is very traditional and I would prefer something more traditional or, at the least, very simple vertical bars. I'm not finding much online and what I have found is $200+. I had no idea that shower door handles would be so expensive.

Any suggestions for sources? Thanks!

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I never liked those standard C pulls. So Ordinary. So we asked the glass company to drill a single hole instead of the usual two holes, and to keep their handle. (They didn't charge us extra since it actually cost them less.)

What we did instead was to buy two fabulous cabinet pulls and a two-sided screw (headless) at the hardware store, then simply screw the handles in bast to base with a slice of wine cork in between for cushioning and to stabilize the screw.

Looks SO MUCH better. (IMO)

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I'll have to try to look up the manufacturer, but the frameless door we ordered from our local glass store had the option of a range of door handles. We, too, wanted something more traditional, and found this one, which goes beautifully with the Grohe Somerset fixtures and Ginger Empire accessories in the bath. We love it -- will try to find the name, but I know that there was a board with a handle styles mounted on it that they had at the store. We just chose the one we wanted.

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sweeby - I'll discuss that with my husband. We are using glass knobs and pulls on the vanity, but I'm not sure if I would want to carry that look over to the shower door or not. I wonder though if I couldn't find a large drawer pull for much less than the shower door pulls though.

ctlady - I really like your pull.

This place is about $500 less than our other quotes. It seems they have a more limited selection and buy in quantity. He walked me through how we could use a standard door size to keep our costs down. I don't know why, but I just have a feeling they are going to have limited or no other options.

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Sweeby, I'd love to see a picture of what you did... it sounds cool!

Hopefully KevinMP(sp?) will see this and post a picture and details of his shower door handle. He has a beautiful traditional bathroom with very handsome hardware, including a vertical shower door handle.

I first saw our shower door handle at a local bath showroom and determined that it was made by U.S. Horizon/CRL. I asked my shower door fabricator to order it for me and he included it with no upcharge from their usual handle options. I love it for its sculptural shape. They like it also and ordered it in chrome for their showroom display.

There's no need to settle for ordinary if that's not what you want!

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I bought this Kohler PinStripe handle. I love it.

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I have the same one as goldstox (and thank you, Treasure):

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Kevin MP. I must admit, I saw your handle here first and I copied you. Lol.

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Remember , what ever you have done is permanent as Shower Doors must be tempered glass and any holes must be drilled before the glass is tempered!

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The Kohler pinstripe handle is fabulous. But, we are at the end of our reno and over budget so I don't think I could get my husband to agree to a $200 shower handle.

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I know how you feel. It's amazing how quickly it all adds up. I hope you'll post pictures of your completed bath... we love pictures!

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I was right that the options were kind of limited, but I did find one that I liked and it is more, but less than any of the ones I was looking at buying myself. I'm trying to attach a photo, but this is my first attempt so I hope it works.

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I think you ended up with a great choice!

I love my shower door handle. It's definitely bigger and more substantial than a drawer pull -- and it's double sided.

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Sorry - don't have any photos. But ANY medium to large cabinet pull that is water resistant can work. I've done two so far - the first in ORB, and the second in crystal. The crystal pulls were a bit smaller and narrow at the base, so they needed back plates to look their best -- but in every case a whole heck of a lot less than $200. (Yikes!)

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TSG, I think that one looks great... very similar to the style of ShellKing's. Can't wait to see your finished pictures!

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ShellKing - Thanks for the picture. Much better seeing a real one installed.

sweeby - Thanks for the information on using a cabinet pull. I'm sure I could save a little more money if we went that route, but I am going with the option they have for the sake of time. My husband did a lot of the work on this on nights and weekends and it has been dragging on since October. I really want to get back in my bedroom and bathroom as soon as possible.

They came out for the measurements today and we should have it installed the middle of next week.

Now I need to find a painter. We briefly discussed doing it ourselves but I loathe painting. We also want to do the adjacent master bedroom and another bedroom so we've decided to hire someone to get it all knocked out in a few days. We are in the home stretch, but I still feel like it may never end.

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We have a few link to shower door handles of all shapes, sizes and finishes ranging from $20 to $300.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hardware options

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Babka NorCal 9b

Here is what we selected. Contemporary square style.


Here is a link that might be useful: 6 or 8

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