wheels jerk to the right when car shifts into 2nd gear

parheliaJune 12, 2005


i have a daewoo nubira 2000 that is jerking to the right. on neighborhood roads and such, it jerks as the transmission shifts into 2nd, but if i accellerate up to 40 or 50, it doesn't jerk until after i ease off the gas. if it hasn't been triggered by one of those factors, then it'll also jerk if i hit a large bump.

this started a while back when i knew i needed to get the wheels aligned as the tires were wearing unevenly. after the alignment, the jerk is still there, though it seems more pronounced. when i start off from a dead stop, the steering wheel is tilted to the right. after the jerk, it's aligned straight, as it should be. the jerk doesn't happen again unless i slow down below 20mph or come to a stop, except for the time i drove down a road that curves back and forth.

when i mentioned it to the guy at hibdon, he said it might be a steering problem, but they don't work on that part of the car. does anyone here have any idea of what might be wrong?

i'm in a bit of a bind because no one wants to work on daewoos anymore and it's very hard to find parts. i've heard the nubira is being made as a suzuki now, but i have no idea whether the parts would be interchangeable. i believe there's one dealer left in my area that will work on daewoos, but i'm leery of how that position might be taken advantage of, so i'd like to know something before i go in.

any help, advice, or information would be appreciated. and please, if you don't mind, speak slowly and clearly. ;-) i know a little bit about cars from previous misadventures, but i've never had a problem like this before.....



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This has nothing to do with alignment.
The front drive(given that this is a front driver) joints are locking up.

Also, the transmission differential must be checked..
This is rare as they usually become click-clack noisy when worn.
But, unless you are a good DIY or can find a good true mechanic - or the Holy Grail, you may as well cut your losses - remember who was involved with Daewoo at one time and who is now - this may be a parts source - CV joints are pretty much the same, I think...

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suzuki and chevy sell rebadged daewoos, the chevy aveo is the small daewoo, and the 2 larger models are sold as suzukis. g.m. owns most of daewoo and suzuki. so finding parts and someone to work on shouldnt be a problem. it sounds like you might have a broken engine or trans mount. in my area the suzuki dealer took over servicing the daewoos. but they had been a deawoo dealer also.

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You are correct, bill, these things, a broken or loose mount must be checked out on a lift - This is part of regular service....
I may well have been wrong about the CV joints...

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just thought i would follow up on this post.

i was able to find a dealer who is still working with daewoos. there are only two in this state.

they said they've checked all the mountings and gone over the steering system carefully. the conclusion is that both lower control arms are shot and need to be replaced.

in the meantime, i've had one saturday afternoon plus a 90-mile drive to learn to drive my step-dad's old stick-shift camry. whew! i'll be glad to get my car back. ;-)

thanks all for the suggestions.


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Lower controls arms ?
This should have been caught before any alignment was performed, if fact, with all of this "jerkiness", an alignment would be impossible..

This is still a GM product, and GM must service it -like it or not..

When you accelerate too hard with front drive, torque steer occurs, and the car pulls to that side.
Old Honda Civics with unequal length axles were know for this..
Seems to be to be a problem with shot or torn rubber in a mount..This is common due to the use of too soft rubber in the front end in an attempt to curb noise and harshness in an "inexpensive" car..

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earthworm, that's what my step-dad told me. granted, i don't know much about cars so he could be giving me the condensed version.

when i had the wheels aligned, hibdon did tell me that one of the control arms had to be replaced. guess i forgot to mention that in my initial post.

why do you say gm must service it? the dealer handles mitsubishis and daewoos. mine is the mid-range daewoo, which is now sold as a mitsubishi, correct? does that make mitsubishi part of gm? i don't keep up with who owns whom.....

my mom, after talking to my step-dad, thinks this is due to my tendency to like curvy roads. i don't run them for fun (anymore) but i'm not afraid of taking a corner or curve faster than some people. something about the daewoo minimizes curves. i've noticed the curves feel a *whole* lot faster in my step-dad's little old camry than they did in the daewoo.

so is the culprit my driving, or maybe just the design of the car? my mom pointed out that she's never had this particular problem, even on a car she drove for 100,000 miles (mine only has 56,000). but i drove much more recklessly much more often in my first car (hey, i was in high school), an '88 chevy cavalier, and never had any problems with the steering or alignment. sure, the cavalier ate starters for breakfast, but it endured potholes and fast driving on "fun" roads much better than the daewoo apparently has.

guess i'll have to start taking the corners like a granny. *sigh*

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This might not be YOUR problem, but a couple months ago my daughter's 2001 Nubira wagon was jumping all over the road.

Investigation showed badly worn bushings in the lower control arms, 2 on each side, and, if you have the same problem, if you buy the bushings, be advised there is a small and a large on each side.

They cost about 8 bucks each at the local ( 35 miles away ) Chevy-Daewoo dealer.

Metal ring doughnuts, rubber inside with a steel bushing in the center, allows the control arm to flex up and down as the springs and shocks compress-decompress, but hold the control arms from rocking forward and back when you step on it or let off the gas. If that happens, you change the steering geometry, the tires will toe in a ton and throw you to the side that is worst, and will eat tires up.

My daughter didn't tell me about it till it got horrible, thought it was the last set of tires. Parked the car and made her take mine home with her till I got hers fixed.

Absolutely dangerous, and my grandson and g'son to be in the car with her and turnpike driving from her house to mine.

She's quicker to come to Dad with problems since that happened.

Hope this helps.



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