Design questions -- limestone counter & need for accent tile

newsoutherner1February 10, 2012

I'm looking for some opinions from friends and strangers. I was all set to go with quartz counters (not that I was in love, but it worked) and wandered into a natural stone showroom this afternoon and a slab of Jerusalem Gold limestone called out to me. My selected floor tile is a porcelain with the look of a vein cut stone. (Sorry can't post a picture now). The look is terrific. I got a price quote of about $45/sq ft installed. Quartz will be about $60. Disclosure-- this is master bath only to be used by 2 neat and clean adults. Question -- is honed limestone a really bad idea for mainenance?

The other issue is if it is a mistake to simply run the tile and not break it up with accent tiles or a design in the shower or on the tub deck. With the quartz in mind, I was struggling to add something that made sense. As soon as I saw the limestone, I got that Zen feeling that this works. There is a stained glass window that is over the tub that is what you see as you enter the bathroom. The tile is 12 x24 and will run crosswise as you enter and run vertically in the shower. It feels to me like there is enought going on. Question -- Is it a mistake to just do the tile?

I appreciate all your comments.

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I had a honed limestone in my MBA. It was sealed. I had it for maybe 10 years. It started to look dirty (floor especially) after 2 years. It was cleaned biweekly. This was back when tumbled edges were in, so the discoloration over time just made the whole thing sort of rustic, kwim? So it was okay. But if i were using it in a more formal look, I would have been unhappy....

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Even sealed it will suck up every bit of spilled toothpaste, mouthwash, makeup, hair products, etc. and you don't even have to be "messy". Many of those products will etch it as well.

You need to appreciate a "lived in" look to enjoy limestone.

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I wanted a limestone shower, our GC talked me out of it, said it etches, scratches, discolors, etc. He said in his opinion it's among the worst choices of a bathroom material.

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I have three friends with limestone bath counters. Two are about ten yrs. old, the other, four years. They love them, no issues, and look great to me. However, my home is filled with antiques, so I expect and like patina. I.d planned for limestone until I fell in love with a cream and caramel marble I had to have. Having it honed and will need to be more vigilant ,but life is short, get what you love! I say! Besides, my ancient marble topped chest is most definitely not pristine, and looks very nice to me.
Mtnred, you see tumbled stone floors going away? What has replaced that look do you feel? I,m putting in tumbled travertine in a Versailles pattern in master bath. I see it a lot and know it's not cutting edge, but feel it still has the look of an old English country home. And btw, having fallen in love with your claw foot tub, that's going in the new bathroom, too......a straight vs. a slipper, though.
Sorry, no help with the tile. Can't quite picture it.

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We had Jerusalem limestone counters in our last kitchen. Three little kids, four cats, two sloppy adults -- no problems. Our stoneyard said it is the only limestone they would recommend for countertops. I don't think a bathroom would be a more dangerous place than a kitchen for countertops.

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