Removing window tint?

reekolaJune 21, 2007

My daughter's 01 Civic has cheap window tinting film on the back window that is bubbling and starting to peel. Is there a good way to remove it without damaging the rear window defrost heat wires in the window? Or are they embedded in the window? If she has them redone by a professional, I assume they can get it off a lot better than me.


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I am researching the same thing. After reviewing the process, I decided to have the whole thing done professionally. Plus nobody will guarantee the defroster lines won't be damaged.

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Very simple if you have the time and don't get stresed out.
The film comes off the same way it went on. You need a spray bottle, empty windex bottle will do and fill it with
warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Peel back as much as you can and spray the film as you pull. Keep the film wet, if it dries it will restick. Don't even think about heating it with a heat gun or hair drier. you will weld the film to the glass. If you brake a defrost line no biggy
just get a repair kit and fix it. The install was bad in the first place because there was air trapped under the film and the defroster heated it up causing the bulges. Do
not reapply it. Good luck.

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Thanks! Sounds like fun! I'll let you know how it turns out if I decide to mess with it. If having it re-tinted, might just have them do it. Not sure how much, if any, extra they would charge to remove.

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