I 'Caved In'...A Simple Winter Table.

slinkeyJanuary 23, 2011

I'm sure like many of you across the country...we've been getting hit with one big Snow Storm after another. No sooner do we dig out - and adjust - another one follows. Last one was Friday..and another due on Tues!

The problem now, there's no place to put it all!

So, since I'm surround by all this snow and ice, and Freezing Temps... I caved in, and did this simple Winter Table!

But truly, in my heart, I'm really counting the days till Spring! ( I don't do well in cold weather) :)

I had some branches in my garage that I was planning on doing something with for Christmas (never did) so I took a few and spray painted them white and added battery- lighted Garland (Valerie-QVC)..and went from there..

These are a combination of dishes from various places...

large plates - CTS...Medium - TJM...Fluted plates - MS/Macy..The Glass plates - GW and the small glass compote

from TS...

The Flatware is Godinger 'Grand Master' from Ebay..Napkin Rings - I hot glued silver snowflakes onto plain silver rings. The table cloth - is really a large fringed throw - with a white on white paisley pattern on it - purchased from GW this summer.

The Mercury Glass Pillars were from a Flea Mkt this summer..

and the other two from Michael's..

Different Lighting...

You can really see the lovely detailing in the glass dishes.

Small cloche - from local thrift shop..

Was this 'Icy Enough for you?'

I sure envy all who are enjoying warm sun now...

Thanks for looking >>>



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I just published a post with pictures I took three weeks ago when it was pouring down rain. It's 74 today and the sun is warming everything. Sorry about your weather.

I really like the table setting though. Especially like the lighted centerpiece and the pillar candle holders.

Yep! It's icy all right. I say, "When you're cooped up and cabin fever starts to set in - set a table."

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Those photos in two lights is really good. And it is simple, but not too simple. So pretty. I love the litle glasss compotes, and the "tablecloth." You've had some good finds.

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Gosh Jane, Your table is icy, but warm and inviting at the same time. I love the use of white and silver. Everything co-ordinates so well together. I love the compotes and the clear snowflakes scattered around. Using the lighted centerpiece gives the table a romantic feel.
It's freezing here too. The high today was 12 degrees...if that...BRRRR. Like you I don't do well in the cold either. Oh well.I know it has been cold in places this year that don't usually get cold.

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Always love to see your tables, Jane, and this one is no exception. Love the texture on your plates, especially pretty in the evening setting. The silver/white combo with all the snowflakes really does give it that icy feeling, but ever so pretty.

OA and I got together the other day for lunch, and when I arrived at the restaurant, she was sitting on the bench outside soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the view! We've had some cooler weather than we like this year, but right now it's sunny and warm--just the way we like it! LOL

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Oh I love what you did with the branches! That is very pretty! And that you added the lights & intermingled the snowflakes! Looks great! Of course, those mercury glass candleholders sure bring alot of pizazz to the table! Both sets are gorgeous!

Love the "throw" for the t'cloth...perfect!...& gives off the feeling of snow & ice & COLD! Always love how you stack the placesettings & this one is no exception...the clear crystal pcs really are so lovely!

Yes, Spring is only a couple mos away now...so I am glad on your cold, wintery day that you thought of the "holiday-ers!" TFS, jane! Jeanne S.

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If this is what comes from you being 'snowed in', then I'm hoping Spring takes its time getting to you! WOW, Lady, that is a gorgeous table and the centerpiece really is stunning! You make me want to order those lights and find some branches! WOW is all I can think to say!

hugs, Karen

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Beautiful!! It has just the right amount of sparkle and I love all the layers of the plates.
You have some great TS finds there and have used them perfectly.
Sorry about the weather, but you sure made good use of your time. We keep getting some snow here, but then it melts and I think I will be able to play golf, and we get a couple more inches, : (
I know the trees and grass need the moisture, but I'm really over it!

You made your table a true winter wonderland.

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

For those of you who are 'Basking in the Sun'..
OA >> LUVS >> go ahead 'rub it in' LOL!

nana..our temps were 12 degrees too..with wind chill of 5.
I know there are places getting hit with cold temps..that never experienced it before...guess you can chalk it up to
'Global Warming' !! lol

jeanne...karen..it was either do a tablescape or go off mindlessly in the snow !! I'm so done with it and it's ONLY January!

ladypat..thanks and glad you liked the TS finds. I enjoyed visiting your blog..you've found some nice things too. I'm sure I'll be visiting regularly.

Candy...I hear that about the snow melting soon after it falls in Co.. I wish it would do the same here instead of
lingering around. It's good you can get out to play golf in between...

Thanks again everyone.


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Jane, your table is fabulous. Love everything on it. The mercury candle holders are so pretty. Great job layering the dishes. All the branches and snowflakes make this table beautiful. Your so good at capturing the true beauty on your table with pictures.

Hope you don't have this much snow for long. It's not fun having snow and cold weather w/o some nice breaks in between. Our snow is gone and it's been raining more than snowing here lately.


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Thanks Punk...
Glad you liked this table.
I kept looking outside at all the snow, while I was putting it together, and it didn't help. I feel like the character, Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining'! Not a Happy Camper!
I wish there were some breaks in between just so we could get rid of some of the snow. It's really becoming a problem and with another big storm on the way for Tues..there's no more places to push it to on my driveway.


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Slinkey, I'm freezing along with you, in the midwest we haven't seen 30 degrees in months!!!

We've been in the teens for weeks & I am once again, sick with a head cold, in fact so sick during the nite that I stayed in bed all day today, trying to rest up & get better.

I have the head cold & also feel achy like flu, so I am especially waiting for this winter to be overwith!!!

Your table is so pretty, the centerpiece looks so expensive & elegant, everything goes so well together, the whites & the silvers.

I don't have the energy for a table or much of anything else!!

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Yachter - thanks for the nice comments.
Take care of that cold/flu and try to 'nip in in the bud'...don't want it turning into pneumonia.
If you can rest in bed as much as you can..DO IT!
DH & I have been fighting colds on an off for a while now. With the kids living here and us going back and forth to visit Dad at the Rehab center..there are germs EVERYWHERE! Now my Dad has pneumonia after coming down with a cold/flu. They have him on heavy meds to deal with it, but I know when you're body is weak and germs every where you're susceptible.
Please take care of yourself...I know you've got your Gkids to look after too...but don't forget you!


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I'm so glad that you caved and shared this beautiful table. The all white is very effective, and different from all the blue and white (including me) that we've seen. I'm so ready for Spring, even though we don't get as bad as weather as most of you.

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Yachter, Jane & DH, hope your feeling better today and your resting to help deal with the colds. It is alot of work to take care of the GKids. I'm sure we try to entertain them more than we did our own.

Jane, hope Dad gets over his pneumonia. That is something that is so hard on the elderly.

We got a little snow today but the roads were just wet driving home tonight. Hope is doesn't decided to stick around. Why does it seem like Winter is sooooo long this year? Makes me think I'm turning into a Whimp.lol I'm thinking AZ or CA might be a nice place for the winters after all.


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Jane. beautiful table! It looks so elegant. I love the branches with the lights. I'm filing that idea awaay in my little brain to try next year. Hope you and DH and your Dad are on the mend. This weather is bad enough without being physically sick too. Yacher, hope youre feeling better tonight too. On TV this morn, I heard them say that it was 54 days till spring. I thought I really didn't need to hear that this morn. We had a dusting of new snow this morn to go with what we seem to be hanging on to from last week, and are expecting more tomorrow night and Wed.I wonder if there are any empty houses near Karen, Luvs or OA? It sure would be tempting to go where it is warmer, but then I would have to leave my DGC and that thought is enough to make the snow and cold a little more tolerable. I hope everyone stays warm and safe during this coming storm. Janet

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Jane, it is gorgeous! I love how the lights look in the centerpiece.
You did a wonderful job. I am sick to death of the snow and ice, and more coming tomorrow! But your table, I could look at for hours!

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It's really lovely.

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