Came home to see shower doors up! Whooeee!

raehelenFebruary 16, 2014

Spent all day at the pool judging synchronized swimming. So mentally and physically exhausted. As I drive in, my DH's friend is leaving, he said "you have perfect timing". So afraid to ask, "Is it all done", I just thanked him for his help.

Walk into BR, and shower doors are hanging! I was envisioning perhaps broken glass and having to go back to
Costco to buy more doors... DH and I tried to install them yesterday...under huge protest from me...I knew it was beyond my skill set and strength level. I ended up in tears, and we had to undo the bit we had done. These 12mm thick doors are 78" high and very heavy, There is a solid Stainless Steel 1" thick 5 foot long bar that the doors hang from and so there was no room for error in getting them up and holding them in place. So glad he got a friend to do it instead of me...

Pics to come later....just so happy to have this huge hurdle over and done with. I don't know if it's cuz we're getting older, but this DIYing just isn't as much fun as it used to be! LOL (But the money saved and the personal satisfaction are nice...just looking forward to having this over and done with!)

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Must have been such a great feeling to see it all finished! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing pics!

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Yay! So jealous that you have your shower doors up. If you can post pics that would be great.

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Finished sealing all the grout, and managed to semi-clean glass. Inside corners are caulked, but not bottom where tiles meet base or floor. Still have to paint edge and install on right wall. Will just caulk where tiles meet left wall.

Had to also show off 'my pretty'! We carefully positioned tiles to line up grout with edges of niche. I could have had glass shelf line up too, but I figured I would rather have small items on lower shelf within easier reach, and bigger bottles on top glass shelf. Someone here also mentioned that small, lighter bottles slide off her glass shelf. But, we were surprised by how much 'figuring' there is in DIYing a BR. Getting kind of excited now that it's almost done... :>)

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Looks great! I am so envious of your progress. The tile looks so nicely installed.

Question, do you have the bottom clip installed into the shower pan at the center, or is it a channel?

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Thanks Enduring! Good eye. The Centre clip is screwed on top of the shower curb. There are two channels in there, one for each piece of glass. The left glass is stationary, see the other clip on the bottom left? The right door 'slides', no channel per se, just the small clip there in the centre. There is also a very small metal 'threshold'? to keep water from dripping onto floor. So small it doesn't show up in photo, and basically an L shape, 1/2" wide and high, so should be easy to keep clean.

I will tell DH you said the tile looks nicely installed. We can see every little imperfection, so honestly don't know how it stacks up to a professional job. We're glad it's almost over, I can tell you that! LOL

We still have to install the 'weather stripping' on the moveable door. Hopefully this weekend will be the torture test to see if water stays in shower! Wish us luck!

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