Nissan Cube or Kia Soul?

susanjnJune 19, 2011

Do any of you have experience with the Cube or Soul?

We've driven the Cube, which I fell in love with (and tried to restrain my joy in front of the sales guy). We've sat in but not driven the Soul. I liked it better than I expected.

Our last new car was a 2005 Prius which we still appreciate. But I'm pretty amazed at the common features on new cars, like the backing camera.

I'm on the rebound from a white minivan mom-mobile and want something more interesting. I've told all the sales guys that white and silver are deal killers. :)

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Looks like that may be like a Scion tC, which is already on my list to look at. Sat in one at a recent auto show.

But somehow I'm thinking I won't be going to Ireland to look for a car. There seem to be lots of them right here in Texas.

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