Will I regret mirrored panelling in the master bath....

threeapplesFebruary 12, 2012

This image is what my designer and I have taken as our inspiration for the mirror area above the double-vanity. The vanity itself will be a little more traditional and curved, also stained, and the rest of the bathroom is a big question mark. I'd love marble wainscoting, but haven't priced it yet. Anyway, will doing this mirrored treatment above the vanity area require us to carry it through the rest of the bathroom as in the photo? I don't want the bathroom to look like a fun house, but I do want it elegant, historic, and sort of hotel-like. Any thoughts? thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: bathroom

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Wow!!!! I was worried when I saw the words 'mirrored panelling' but when I clicked the link it took my breath away! It looks like something you would find in the Penthouse Suite of the Ritz or some equally exclusive hotel. I'm inclined to say go for it, but I think alot of why that panelling works in that bathroom has to do with the layout. It looks very long &narrow & I'm guessing they used the mirrors to make it look more spacious. Can you post what you have so far of your master bath layout?

Also, I posted the new layout & an elevation question on your 36" vanity thread...

Here is a link that might be useful: 36

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No, I don't think you'll regret installing mirrored paneling. If marble is too pricey for wainscoting then wood would be a perfectly find substitute.

Does the mirror paneling go with the style of your house? If so, I don't think you can go wrong here.

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Mydreamhome, you're the best!

Our home is a Georgian style, but I'm willing to go a little outside of that style for the master bath. I'm including links to the layout, which cannot be changed now due to plumbing, etc., and an elevation for the vanity. I'd love to know what you all think.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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threeapples--that is going to look so cool!!!! Can I come over when it's done?!? I think it can definitely work in that space. I think I saw something similar in an upscale hotel in Vegas a few years back--very spa like & decadent. It will be amazing! I'm guessing the mirrored panel look will continue from the vanity to the adjacent walls at the shower & the toilet room. Will it also continue to the other side of the room by the French chair & makeup table? And I have to know what tub you are putting in!

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thanks for the kind words, mydreamhome. i'm laughing at your anticipation for learning of our tub. if it were up to me i'd do a vintage cast iron tub painted pewter on the outside with a gorgeous handspray attachment and nickel faucet. but, i'm not a bath person and my husband thinks he's going to be once we move, so i let him choose the tub. he chose some sort of air jet jacuzzi that will be built in with a marble apron and hopefully some beautiful woodwork above the entrance to it to sort of set it apart from the rest of the room.
to answer your question about the mirror paneling, i have no idea if we should do it everywhere. i'm terrified it will look dated or look like a fun house in there causing us headaches every time we're in the room. my mother just reminded me what a pain it will be to clean all those mirrors. haha.

i'd love thoughts on where we should put the mirrors or other ideas for wall treatments. thanks.

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I think the look is too well crafted to get "dated." Similarly, the vanity to ceiling full wall mirror is still done well when it is defined in an alcove.

If you are concerned about upkeep and reflections to infinity in some views you may want to look at antqued mirror for some walls or an arrangement of particular panels. Antiquing can be done to varying degrees so you can fine-tune the look you want.

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I hope you like the look of yourself naked with all those mirrors! That said, it is a very lovely bathroom.

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haha! i don't, so i better start getting in shape now. :)

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