Three weeks with Blustar and Liebherr

cookncarpenterMarch 20, 2013

Both are everything they are cracked up to be, I am so pleased with these two new appliances!! Let's just hope they last as long as the 27 year old Thermador and Amana that they they replace

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Don't know about the Bluestar but I love the Liebherr. My mom's 22 year old Liebherr that has made a few international moves, is still going strong. My 6-year old one has never given me any trouble.

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Had no idea Liebherr had been around that long! Never even heard of them until a year or so ago. I just thought I would post a positive appliance feedback since most only post when there is a problem...

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So happy to hear you're pleased! My Blue Star and Liebherr are sitting in my kitchen, waiting to be installed, and I'm finding it an exercise in patience. Between that and not being allowed to put anything in the new cabinets yet, I'm going slightly batty.

I'd love to hear more details about either appliance!

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I feel sorry for all the folks with woe tales about new appliances, but I believe for every bad experience post, there are dozens of happy owners that don't post. I have no hot oven door, no loose or damaged parts, and all my burners are exactly as ordered. The range is everything if not more than I expected! The Liebherr is quite a bit taller than our old refer and is taking some getting used to, but it is so quiet I didn't think it was working when I first plugged it in because I could not hear the motor or fan! The bio fresh seems to be doing what it is supposed to, and the panels are so well integrated with the cabinetry it does not look like there is even a refer there! My other choices are all wonderful as well, the Prizer hood is a beautiful work of craftsmanship, the Silgranite sink may likely take best improvement award, and the Viking microwave and warming drawer are great! Oh and I love my Grohe Brigeford pulldown too! And a big thanks to mother nature for my soapstone and Mesquite countertops:) there, you have a happy customer providing some rare positive feedback

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